[Himatsubushi-Commie]_Angel_Beats!_-_06_[A4D11E49].mkv <–What is this I don’t even (UNOFFICIAL RELEASE IS OFFICIALLY UNOFFICIAL)



We didn’t do this either.

Dear :whoever:, please quit trolling us. Thanks.

Official is out: [Himatsubushi-Commie] Angel Beats! – 06 [DEDCAB63].mkv

EDIT: RHExcelion fails at ad trimming. I will be attempting to wake up at 4 AM next week to encoding it mys- NOT! Leechers can wait or suffer random poor encodes, or RHExcelion should now know how to trim properly and check that the final length is not far off from 24m 00s.

EDIT: RHExcelion also woke up in the middle of the night to encode this as he is nocturnal and should be sleeping during the day. (Trims were fixed)

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8 Responses to “NO, YOU CAN’T”

  1. wat says:


  2. wut? says:

    [18:28] [Himatsubushi-Commie]_Angel_Beats!_-_06_[CRC].mkv

    What? How do you not know what your joint group is doing?

  3. wut? says:

    By someone, you mean Himatsubushi as a group.

  4. wot? says:

    How did “someone” have access to the unedited subs in the first place?

  5. Mnemosyne says:

    well the thing certainly sucks since the subtitles don’t even sync somewhere in the first one-third or so of the episode

  6. TBA says:

    It can’t be helped. There are only monkeys in Himatsubushi :/

    I think the file can distribute better if it’s labeled as v3 though.