Nobunaga the Fool 01


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19 Responses to “Nobunaga the Fool 01”

  1. Anifan says:

    that got my attention

  2. RoflCat says:

    She looks like she’s about to orgasm.

  3. Shinya says:

    I expected him to “APPRIVOISE” but was disappointed. I hope it gets more fabulous as the show goes on.

    • Kirby_422 says:

      My Galaxy is ALREADY SHINING!~~

      Wonder whether those colorful lights (idk, not quite rainbow level yet), where merely the rainbows that Takuto had when Apprivoise’ing, or whether that was charging Tau Ginga Beam.. Visually, it seemed closer to Tau Ginga Beam to me.

  4. AMg says:

    “Run, you fools!”

  5. Transmic says:

    Thanks for this :)

    Just as a heads up, there’s a small error in the subtitle at 7.07 (“The animal trail that leads to the fortress lies is ahead on our right, no?” [lies/is ahead]).

    Thanks again.

  6. Anifan says:

    in an unrelated note, whilst jumping to conclusions, CR appear to have possibly dropped that amazing cycling animu… they are;
    A. Late
    B. it is not listed on their current shows
    C. its not on their schedule
    D. I am panicing

    and this may appear to be specially prepared american meat

  7. r says:

    In the historical intro for Nobunaga, it should be the Tensho period.
    The Taisho was a much later period of the 1900s.

  8. VanFinale says:

    As someone who downloaded this going off nothing but the title I am thoroughly surprised.

  9. IHH says:

    I tasted bile rising up my throat about 2 minutes into this. A bit surprised at the positive comments (or at least lack of negative ones)… I guess I might brave another try when I’m feeling particularly tolerant.

  10. arnold says:

    ohh please god, stop!! . its hurting my eyes… this anime is ruining my life. sengoku times + mecha + fantasy = puke. i thought maybe it will be godd historical anime

  11. chase says:

    fucking haters are so lame. oh no they combined historical characters with mecha and fantasy my life is ruined. grow up if you dont like it dont watch. I think its fucking great and awesome.

  12. AMg says:

    Inb4 “I’m Gundam” jokes.

    Many big names in the cast.

  13. Issei302 says:

    How can I tell who the fansub group is/ how can I tell if this is your fansub? (I’m sorry, I’ve never used your site before)