Nobunaga the Fool 16


skiddiks: well that escalated quickly

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9 Responses to “Nobunaga the Fool 16”

  1. AMg says:

    Nice cool down hug there, Nobu. I hope you don’t get caught red-handed by your fiance. :3

  2. Laxx says:

    And skiddiks still keeps pulling the sexist card.

  3. tyson says:

    is this sex

  4. Herp says:

    Picked up.

  5. AMg says:

    Next up are about Himiko’s back story and the whole Stargate thingy.

  6. chase says:

    damn this show got so good. can’t wait to see king aurthurs face.

    damn I knew they were hot for each other awesome!

    i like nobu x jeanne more than nobu x himiko.. nobu doesnt strike me as a lolicon

  7. Ladyhyoudou says:

    This scene made me go asdfghjkl!