Nobunaga the Fool 21


race: hopefully i didn’t fug this one up

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15 Responses to “Nobunaga the Fool 21”

  1. Minachi says:

    No tits? I am disappoint.

  2. Anon says:

    Why am I still watching this?

  3. Akane says:


  4. dannyboy says:

    No breasts shot, no party.

  5. AMg says:

    Whoa… I didn’t see that coming.

    It’s more and more becoming like Fate/zero with giant robots.

    • AMg says:

      I just realize that they are playing seiyuu gag with Hideyoshi character. Guess what Hideyoshi, Ouma Shou, Haruyuki and Eren Yaeger have in common (beside voiced by the same seiyuu)?

      • Shinya says:

        Please enlighten us.

        • AMg says:

          Very well but I must warn ya of spoiler if you don’t follow/read/seen yet these anime: Guilty Crown, Accel World and Attack on Titan.

          Shou: Lost his right arm when Gai pulls a face-heel turn and severed it to obtained Shou’s Power of Kings. He got it back when he injected the last veil of Power of Kings and the Void materialized as his right arm.

          Haru/Silver Crow: Damaged one of his arm and his foot while protecting Koruyukihime from the assailant; the damage only sustained during that fight and being “repaired” after the fight.

          Eren: Lost one of his arm and a leg while saving Arwin’s ass from being devoured by a Titan (see the pattern here) before he subconsciously transformed into a Titan himself. His lost limbs were regenerated to normal self after that.

          I don’t need to explain what had happen to our resident Son Goku here :3

  6. Chase says:

    @anon uh cuz this show is kick ass. Seriously one of th best this season, right under jojo.

  7. Shinya says:

    Only watching this for Da Vinci’s dramatic entrances and silly poses. Rest is about as deep as Twilight.

  8. chase says:

    some people are just haters. this show is awesome.

    what other show do you get to see oda nobunaga fight alexander the great in giant mechas over the fate of the universe?

    plus, joan of arc with a sweet rack.

    king arthur is some sort of crazy alien / diety trying to summon the holy grail to remake the universe as a paradise.

    shit is crazy son.

  9. dannyboy says:

    Seen the chapter and I can only say one thing.

    Friendzone level: Mitsuhide.