Nobunaga the Fool 23


skiddiks: no idea how they’ll wrap this up in one episode

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14 Responses to “Nobunaga the Fool 23”

  1. Minachi says:

    Who cares? Tits.

  2. valor says:

    i’m still stunned that something with this many historical figures in it manged to be boring as fuck

  3. Mikuru//X says:

    That’s some mighty fine plot showing right there…..<_<

    At any rate, I hate to bring this up but will Space Dandy be completed before season 2?

  4. AMg says:

    Next angle would be from below. :3

  5. Kane says:

    How will they wrap this up in one episode… easy.


    • Akane says:

      Yeah, I legitimately see this happening.

      • AMg says:

        Haha. I’ve called it this episode will get pretty messy.

        Yeah, better get Tomino’s Kill ’em All or Urobutcher’s number on speed dial.

        You know what, the next episode is gonna be like either infamous Episode 26 of Evangelion, lot of flashback and character reflections; or End of Evangelion. I do prefer the latter.

        *cue Komm, Susser Tod*

        “It just keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down”

  6. Shinya says:

    I would really want to be a woman just to have this sight every day.

  7. A_Blind_Man says:

    Thanks for the episode
    just fyi