Nobunaga the Fool 24 END


skiddiks: That actually ended better than I thought it would

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14 Responses to “Nobunaga the Fool 24 END”

  1. Minachi says:

    Thanks for the tits.

  2. Baa-chan says:

    muh bewbs

  3. Clare says:

    Guys, gonna sub Kuroshitsuji this summer?

    Not yet simulcasted and u’ve subbed second season…

  4. Zer-0 says:

    any chance you guys will put out a batch torrent?

  5. AMg says:

    Okaaaaay… Interesting way to end the series. Though, it will have a better and coherent ending if they don’t rush it. Still trying to wrap my head on the ending.

    I bet the Capitol of Star of the East is Kyoto; just like in MLA before BETA made landfall and destroyed it.

    Right, now Summer. Can’t wait for the Summer release. :3

  6. anon says:

    PLEASE MAKE A BATCH! i really need it TT^TT

  7. Havok says:

    Well that ended on a better note than I thought.

    Future highschool Nobu x Jeanne spinoff?

    Would Probably be better then this series lolz.