Nyarlko 2, Tasogare 2, Last Exile 21

Haiyore Nyarlko 2

Tasogare Otome 2

Last Exile Fam 21

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37 Responses to “Nyarlko 2, Tasogare 2, Last Exile 21”

  1. VanFinale says:

    Wow this is a nice little batch release also more Last Exile is always greatly appreciated.

  2. Vaewyn says:

    Thanks for the exile everyone!

  3. MonA says:

    10 series from Spring! Inb4 epic stalls >.<

  4. galeli says:

    Thank you so much! Hope to see the rest of Last Exile soon!

  5. Kanoto says:

    nvm the Exile, it’s creeping loli Nyarlko. My triad is triad for the week is complete (ghost waifu, zombie waifu, and now cthulhu waifu)

    • hurp says:


      You keep using that word, you don’t lnow what it means, etc.

      • Kanoto says:

        ワイフ (wa-i-fu)
        a kana-ization of “wife”
        Maybe I should have stated it as “my imaginary harem for the week is completed”
        cum on, admit it, you’d tap them too if you could :)))

  6. Why says:

    You guys were better when you didn’t sub every show of every season.

  7. Patient says:

    I appreciate the Last Exile release.

    Thank you

  8. Kon says:

    Thanks for the updates.. One query though – is Mirai Nikki dropped?

  9. Harimau says:

    Why are there different numbering for this series (i.e. 21 episodes versus 23 episodes), and which one does Commie use?

  10. Alexy says:

    Thanks a lot for Last Exile

  11. Oni Me no Link says:

    Thank you very much for Last Exile Fam Fan Fan!!! (*^_^*)

  12. Shawn263241 says:

    Yay, a month and a week later and we get one more episode of Last Exile that’s been ready for release for at least a few days!
    Thanks I guess. lol

    • Shawn263241 says:

      Also, this episode was pretty awesome. It’s a shame we didn’t get to see it when it came out. >_>

  13. Tmt says:

    Nyarlko is really the best show this season.

  14. GimmeAir says:

    S-CRY-ed FTW!

  15. Tankred says:

    Thank you very much for Exile, guys.

  16. Nhikx says:

    (|•ω•)| Oh~! (/•ω•)/ Nya~!
    (|•ω•)| Oh~! (/•ω•)/ Nya~!
    (|•ω•)| Oh~! (/•ω•)/ Nya~!

  17. Ravenizier says:

    Thanks for the last exile, can’t wait for the rest :D

  18. lig0schndr says:

    Yo Commie Subs! Thanks for subbing Nyaruko this season! I also really appreciate the comments you guys left in the subtitle file about the references you guys picked up on. I made a blog to document all the references in the show, and I cited you guys a couple times. If you’d like, please check it out! http://nyaruref.blogspot.com/

      • lig0schndr says:

        Ohhh snap! Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for such a detailed report! You even included an explanation on “osoroshii ko”! Man, I was having some trouble finding info on that. Pokemon is a parody of capsule monsters from the Ultraman series?! Damn, after all these years I’m just finding this out now, wow. Thanks, again! I’ll try to get on this as soon as possible. Honestly I’m still adding more things to episode 2’s list, hahaha.

        • Anon says:

          It didnt explain what was being said during a the fast forward part. Very nice job touhgh.

  19. Jimmeh says:

    Thanks for Nyarlko, Kore wa Zombie where?