Nyarlko, Tasogare 5

Nyarlko 5

Tasogare 5

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13 Responses to “Nyarlko, Tasogare 5”

  1. Tsunderella says:

    thx fags

  2. Petrushka says:

    ahhh time to download both

  3. vivant says:

    now I have so many torrents in my download list LOL
    thanks~ =D

  4. Nhikx says:


  5. Kanoto says:

    yes! my weekly dual-daimonophilia fix!!! :3

  6. lig0schndr says:

    Hey Commie. Thanks again for subbing Nyaruko. I just wanted to bring up two points. Like I mentioned in the last episode post, the title of this episode is just “Great Conspiracy X”. The “Let’s go” is actually “Let’s comb-” as in “Let’s combine!” which is a reference to Choudenji Robo Combattler V. The other point I wanted to address is how in the last episode you had “Hasta”, while in this episode you have “Hasuta”. I personally have no preference, but it’d be cool if you guys set on just one.

    • lion says:

      I think Hasta is a better option, as it sounds more like Hastur, The King in Yellow.

  7. Proud fapper says:

    Bad loli, Koko!

  8. […] base script was late so I couldn’t work on Nyarlko this week, but anyway let’s see what are the references and puns in it. (My sources were the same as […]

  9. Jimmeh says:

    Thanks for these :D, just waiting for zombie now

  10. Alexy says:

    Thanks a lot, keep on the good work!

  11. Tutturu says:

    Where is Kikansha Thomas? Didn’t you put it in your next season plan?

    • herkz says:

      It’s just the Japanese dub of what aired in the US/UK a few years ago. So yeah, not going to do it.