Occult Academy v2

New Torrent

Bunch of uh…… fixes.

lol no1 does v2 better than commie


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9 Responses to “Occult Academy v2”

  1. alex says:

    inb4 shiki v2

  2. Wakky says:

    I can’t get the patch to work. I click the .bat like all other patches and the command prompt screen comes up for a split second then closes.

  3. _KID_ says:

    I think I have problem same as Wakky…
    the command prompt screen comes up only less a second and nothing change…

  4. Stove says:

    @Wakky and _KID_ you’re supposed to extract all the files in the .rar to the folder with the v1 video.

  5. Black_Raven says:

    i want this on MU…

  6. _KID_ says:

    thx it solve now…
    the problem because the file video has _