One-Punch Man 05


Fyurie: I live for those fight scenes, this show’s animators are so based
Cindy: smfh fyurie..
jdp: same
jdp: tbh
jdp: fam
iamevn: desu sempai
torn: panch
herkz: everyone who commented on this release should kill themselves
torn: doesn’t that mean you should kill yourself too, herkypoo-senpai
herkz: gold star to torn for figuring out the joke in under a minute
torn: don’t you mean red heart, herkypoo-senpai
brainchild: Desch is a pussy

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12 Responses to “One-Punch Man 05”

  1. Desch says:

    Looks like it didn’t work Rhe. Btw, thanks Brain <3

  2. KannaBlis says:

    Thank You, You all are the best!

  3. Anon says:

    You guys are so gay. Thanks.

  4. wan fap man says:

    commie devs sound like members of saitama fankurabu

    i approve

  5. snek says:


  6. Rui Craveiro (LAboy 456) says:

    Thank you for the release – the series is really delivering the goods (hoping there’ll be new releases of Concrete Revolutio pretty soon as well) ;)

  7. bbopp says:

    The “DEATH” overlay is waay off-center on my mpc.
    Is my cccp outdated again?

  8. Kiyoso says:

    I think they spend too much money too draw Saitama’s body. It should be as low-cost as his head.