One-Punch Man 12 END

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32 Responses to “One-Punch Man 12 END”

  1. HokaHoka says:

    OMG! First to comment! AND THANKS A LOT!!!!! I was checking this at 2AM before I go to bed… looks like I need to say awake a bit more =D
    Thanks =D

    Good working finishing another series.

    • keemeef~ says:

      Go back to 2008 or something with your first comment lol.

      Awesome work on finishing OPM, Based Commie!

  2. El Espaniol says:

    Thanks MADHOUSE for making this animeme and Commie for da subs, but the AOTY title is for Teekyuu, better luck next time.

    S2 some day, at least we can wait for the BDs and OVAs right?

  3. Anon says:

    Thanks Daiz for letting us follow your life the last 12 weeks.

  4. Anoni says:

    Such a fun show. Thanks, Commie.

  5. Germo says:

    Thanks for this and Owari. Great job, as always.

  6. mumountisurmom says:

    thx faggots

  7. Red says:

    Why was the whole episode in italics? Also,
    >song lyrics during final fight

    I thought Commie was above this.

  8. man00ver says:

    Thanks for the laughs!

  9. Anon says:

    Shame about no BDs, it was a fantastic show.

  10. KannaBlis says:


  11. fuzzy says:

    Thanks. Will you do the OAD that supposedly exists?

  12. AMg says:

    Let’s hope Mad House doesn’t drop ball when they decide to make a sequel of this.

    P/S: Are you guys gonna pick up Schwarzesmarken or you gonna leave it alone since it might end up like Total Eclipse did: more Cold War politics drama than TSF vs BETA gore and such?

  13. Rui Craveiro says:

    Great series from start to finish – thank you for subbin it :)

    (I hope Concrete Revolutio (1st cour, since the 2nd one will only air on April) will also be completed as soon as possible… ;) )

  14. bilbus says:

    Merry Christmas you weirdoes.

  15. knossus says:

    WoW.. so much enjoyment from the last 3eps. Thank you!

  16. petoyusa says:


  17. ami says:

    Will you guys be subbing the OVAs as well? I sure hope you do! > v <