Open for Business 04

Hurr durr :effort: editting.

Now to do Book of Bantorra, which in effort terms should take 0.00% (2 significant figures) of what Natsu took.

EDIT: I accidently left a little note to self in the script, BUT never fear!

Thanks to no CRC in the filename, I’ve seamlessly replaced the torrent, the DDL (web seed) and the file on the bot.

If you’ve already downloaded, just download the new torrent file to verify, and if necessary, it will download the changed 1 KiB or so to fix your copy.

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4 Responses to “Open for Business 04”

  1. Puff-kun says:

    When the heck does BoB air on animax? I dunno why, but I’m hooked. fook ye

  2. cryptw says:

    It aired on the 30th, but because the uploader on Perfect Dark changed their tagging, my search didn’t pick it up, until today, when I noticed that it was a bit suss, and I changed my searching and found it.

  3. […] Book of Bantorra 05 November 4, 2009 at 20:16 | In Uncategorized | Leave a Comment Sorry about the delay. Explained here. […]

  4. someone says:

    i finally gave up on sfw subs for their fucking slackness and being so muck cunts.

    i’ll just stick yo your quality. thanks dude.