Open for Business 08 (v2 720p)

Yes that’s right!

According to our 2ch liaison, they accidently aired it in proper HD or something, so a 720p encode is coming right up!

(They reverted to upscaled in episode 9, and they decided to screw with the telecining as well).

EDIT: Oops. I accidently blogged it as episode 07 on TT. I meant episode 08.

EDIT 2: SHAFT are now bringing your their quality animation in HD:

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4 Responses to “Open for Business 08 (v2 720p)”

  1. anon says:

    dunno why you’re just picking that spot out in particular, but there was an obviously clear visual improvement in the entire raw for this ep…

  2. ZiegZeon says:

    Any updates on episode 10 and 11?