Orcus presents Dog Days' 1-3

An Orcus Production
Episode 1

Starring Orcus
Episode 2

And some other people but mainly Orcus
Episode 3

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20 Responses to “Orcus presents Dog Days' 1-3”

  1. miichan19 says:

    so what is this?

  2. Catastrophe says:

    although the anime is in dire need of a plot, at least i can dump those shitty subs i was forced to see.

    • Sumomomomo says:

      Not everything has to have a plot to be fun. In fact, it kinda dampered the first season with it.

  3. (⌐■_■) says:

    I wonder how well these episodes are Orcustrated

  4. Yue says:

    Oh come on!!! Just the next day after I finally decided to download and watch the episodes Doki subbed since no one who’s remotely good was subbing it, commie releases these…

  5. doki says:

    doki doki?

  6. Drake says:

    Just so yknow…this is S2 of Dog Days… its got the ‘ <— in it…and thats how the S2 is called xD