Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. – My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute. 14



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31 Responses to “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. – My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute. 14”

  1. johnny_dickpants says:

    cool picnope you ruined it

  2. poopface mcgee says:

    Title should be renamed “my little sister can’t be this cute because I want to fuck her in the bum”

  3. Micheal Moore says:

    Oh look, incest ending. Just as adorable as Usagi Drop’s incest ending!

    If anything, it at least validates all those Doujinshis as canon.

  4. H1 says:

    Refuse to accept this end but saw it coming

  5. Havok says:

    Thanks for the release!!!!

  6. Havok says:

    uh…. I take back what i said… thanks for ruining my life! These episode(s) shouldn’t have been made.

    • Anifan says:

      not yet seen this due to work, are you recommending to leave it where it was left off? like the final episodes of Saikano: She the Ultimate Weapon? (which warned that if the viewer wanted a ‘Happy Ending’ to stop watching at that point)

  7. Bloodios says:

    Just two more episodes till I get to see the shittiest bitch in the whole Oreimo universe rages in jealousy. Oh, the anticipation~~

  8. letsgoal says:

    Ayase T_T

  9. Micheal Moore says:

    Glasses girl is the best girl. Most chicks won’t cook or do your laundry anymore, they’ll just bang all your friends.

  10. Jaybee says:

    Well. That sure was terrible. Predictable, but terrible.

    I 110% approve of Kuroneko’s tape recorder shame game, however. If this is the route he chose, then he deserves for the entire country to know it.

    Now where’s the part where our favorite couple gets run over by a truck full of knives? It’s the only acceptable ending at this point.

  11. FinalplayerRyu says:

    That was amazing, my jaw literally dropped with the last words. I love the ending with Kuroneko and to be honest i wished that would have been the true route, but this was still a very good episode.

    Now the anticipation for the next two is already killing me!!!

  12. Jenryalee says:

    Wow. it’s amazing to see all the posts, which to me scream “Not what i wanted, how dare the writer do this. How dare they not give me exactly what i want. I’m going to stop watching this anime because i’m a conceded jacka$$!!”

  13. Ohtnkr says:

    If you want a different ending, play the games. If you don’t like incest, watch a different show. This was one of the central themes from the start.
    The second season wasn’t as good as the first, which is something I do agree with, but you don’t watch a show like this expecting it to end much differently.
    Besides, I think it’s nice see someone has enough balls to actually walk the line between taboo and the social norm.

    • Micheal Moore says:

      I thought it was a show about a brother that wanted to repair the strained relationship between him and his sister. He keeps aiming for other girls throughout, only to suddenly want to bang his sister at the end, I’m not sure this was a central theme of anything besides the fan made porn.

      • Noob says:

        Both Kyousuke and Kirino had huge amounts of UST between them since episode 1 of season 1. I’m pretty sure that’s one of the central themes, too. And more than likely, Kyousuke doesn’t aim for the other girls throughout but instead, takes out his sexual frustration on Kirino’s friends.

        • Ohtnkr says:

          The incest isn’t the central theme. It’s the siblings relationship, which so happened to become romantic till graduation… It was blatantly obvious from episode one season one that it would end where the two would hook up. The only real difference between this series and the majority of other series out there, is that the little sister IS blood related.
          I can understand why the ending was like that. The goal, had you read the light novel, was for us sickos/perverts/fans to draw our own little conclusion after the story ends. It’s like Tsukasa Fushimi wanted us to make our own little fanfics to make a post story ending we wanted to have.

          • Ohtnkr says:

            One other thing I’ve learned is that one of the PSP games had “What-If” endings. To make it sweeter, the siblings find out that they aren’t blood related. Allegedly, that fact alone is considered canon. If so, then the actual incest part is null and void.

  14. dizzle83 says:

    Maybe it was just Kirino’s dere ratio being less than 1%, but I never envisioned her as a romantic interest outside of doujinshi. Not only was her personality terrible, but the protagonist of the show only evinced anything besides brotherly responsibility and loyalty towards her far into the series. Kyousuke’s devotion can definitely be seen in a new light with the eventual reveal, but people were committed to other arcs by then. I was under the impression that she was barely on his radar before they started to reconcile in episode 1. The shift in perception was hard to adjust to.

    Also, I am butthurt that Kuroneko didn’t win.

    • Orcus says:

      You’ve obviously put a lot of thought into this show. In itself, that’s pretty sad.

    • Ohtnkr says:

      Read the light novels. The anime cut out all kinds of stuff that would say otherwise.
      Not long after Kuroneko’s little dating arc, Kyousuke’s siscon habit became more extreme. He just never blatantly admitted his feelings till the last book.
      One part I’d hoped to see was his little competition with Akagi. They were basically competing over who had the cuter little sister. If that’s not a blatant hint at the potential end result of the series, I don’t know what is.
      Also, if you’d paid attention, which I hope you did, Kirino was only like that because of past issues with Kyousuke. He started it. If anything, you should think he’s kind of a dick, and her attitude is justifiable, though extreme.

  15. fieryelf says:

    Why are people shocked by the ending, with a name like that you can’t really expect a different ending. I like how the author crossed the line and went with that ending. Makes you think a lot how would anyone live in a relation like that and I think in the end they went with the most human way anyone would decide to deal with it. Still think I might get the game to see other endings.

  16. Micheal Moore says:

    With a title like “My Neighbor Totoro,” I was enraged to find out there wasn’t a house full of Totoros next door to the main characters. The rape scene was completely out of left field too.

  17. Tk says:

    My player (Zplayer) seems to crash at the 13:32 point in this episode. I can restart and start after that point and have no issue. Anyone else have this issue?