Owarimonogatari 02


herkz: >owari released on a saturday

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9 Responses to “Owarimonogatari 02”

  1. Cezar says:

    >owari released

  2. Echo says:

    lol Hanekawa being dragged behind by Senjougahara is priceless XD

    Also, great job on the OP. You matched it very well…a bit TOO well @.@

  3. Cickany says:


  4. drokhan says:

    Can’t believe I have to use a proxy to see access comminesubs, same problem with nyaa.
    Damn ISP

  5. Maxer says:

    Nice desu ne

  6. AMg says:

    dat SHAFT head tilt

  7. Blah says:

    You fine folks gonna do episode 3 early? A 480p raw got leaked, it’s on nyaa.