Owarimonogatari 03v0


Hello. Yes, you aren’t seeing this wrong. A nice Japanese anime streaming site leaked this two days early and we decided to sub it since unlike what some people might think, we don’t edit CR’s subs for this. Unfortunately, the editor was busy tonight so the script could probably use some work. Also, the raw is 480p and the wrong framerate so not much effort was put into the typesetting. Expect a v1 release with both of these things improved on Saturday.

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22 Responses to “Owarimonogatari 03v0”

  1. CoffeeFlux says:


  2. Cezar says:

    >89 mb

    Wow, bloat much.

  3. Corno4 says:

    Needs more NIKU

  4. Munkeh says:

    thank mr herkz

  5. Soluna says:

    Amazing xD

  6. YoshiChao says:

    So this means the actual episode should come out somewhat faster yeah?

    I mean, couldn’t you get some of the typesetting stuff out of the way now, or is this video to garbage to get definite work out of?

  7. Foxy says:

    Nice work you got there! XD Thanks herkz

  8. jymmy says:

    >Yes, you aren’t seeing this wrong.

    This could use a little editing. Personally, I think either “No, you aren’t seeing this wrong.” or “Yes, you are seeing this correctly.” would read a lot more naturally, and I’d consider “reading” rather than “seeing”.

  9. scineram says:

    Impressive that Shaft finished production multiple days early.

  10. Nonafel says:

    Commie time-travel subs!

  11. konatasan2~ says:

    that’s crazy XD