Owarimonogatari 06

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herkz: “From your left”? What kind of a greeting is that?

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  1. Echo says:

    yissss my weekly dose of Owari. Thanks :D

    lol wtf is that screenshot XD

  2. Meisakusen says:

    “From your left(Followed by the greeting of the day and the rank of the person/s you are addressing)” is a military greeting when passing someone/or a group of higher rank (on their left) from the rear. I never saw it used much.

    • herkz says:

      that’s just a coincidence. the word in japanese (hidari) sounds like her name (hitagi). apparently aniplex did not pick up on this and translated the joke completely normally, which made it make no sense at all.

    • Sakanite says:

      the only time i ever saw it used was in Captain America, but other than that i have no idea

  3. Manten says:

    Perfect webm, bot. 10/10

  4. Soluna says:

    It’s somehow fitting that such an emotionally-charged character/arc would end in such a quaint manner. Thanks for the episode!

  5. man00ver says:

    Very nice, thanks. A few things quietly fall into place, and a few other question marks pop up. I’m SO ready for the next arc….

    • herkz says:

      the next arc has nothing to do with oikura if that’s what you’re wondering. it’s even set before the oikura stuff.

      • man00ver says:

        No, I’d heard it was “Shinobu Mail,” so that’s what I’m after…the mission with Gaen etc.

        • herkz says:

          yeah, but it has nothing to do with any of your questions that may have popped up.

          • man00ver says:

            Since those pop-up questions are about Ougi, I don’t expect the answers for quite some time yet.

            Yet I’m still drooling over the next arc. It seems like it will be several tiers of awesomeness over the one we just sat through. Am I wrong?

            Well, then again, it might be hard to top the breast-pumping of Hanekawa….

            • herkz says:

              well, if there are answers, nisio hasn’t written them yet. zoku owari takes place in an alternate timeline or something like that.

  6. Cezar says:

    Ahaha. Ahaha.