Owarimonogatari 07

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herkz: To make a correlation between a kneecap (hiza-gashira) and “right as we meet” (deai-gashira)…

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17 Responses to “Owarimonogatari 07”

  1. qhp says:

    speedy release. thanks

  2. aa says:

    ahh fuck yes Kanbaru time

    thanks for the quick release

  3. VanFinale says:

    At 1:21 “This story describes les evenements of more than two months prior to Ougi transferring into our school”.

    • herkz says:

      what about it?

      • i81 says:

        It’s weird. Why translate to non-English? It’s not like Araragi said it in French.

        • herkz says:

          firstly, in japanese, ハプニング is a noun that means “an uncommon occurrence”, while in english “happening” is the present progressive tense of a verb that means something is taking place.

          secondly, i can’t say why he picked french specifically, but clearly it couldn’t be translated “normally”.

          • bastionkid says:

            This maybe not the right place but any update on Space Dandy season 2 BDs???

          • VanFinale says:

            Oh I just thought maybe some weird script thing happened because it was translated to french and I didn’t hear anything other than japanese spoken

            • herkz says:

              yeah, due to quantum tunneling, our script for that line was replaced with the french subs for the show

  4. dankMemer says:


  5. man00ver says:

    Awesome stuff, thank you!

  6. Soluna says:

    Yay, more Monogatari; thanks!

  7. Cezar says:

    There were some English words in my French translation. What do ?

  8. Jesus says:

    And here I was excited to see what glorious typesetting for the opening herkz would bless us with.