Owarimonogatari 11

( ゚‿‿゚)☄

herkz: The vampire master/servant relationship isn’t something you speak of in terms of love or hate, you romance-brain!

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15 Responses to “Owarimonogatari 11”

  1. man00ver says:

    Wow, great episode. Thanks for the quality quickness! Next one should be epic.

    P.S. Minor glitch at 10:36, should be “someone,” shouldn’t it?

  2. indifference says:

    Thanks for the quick work.

  3. Soluna says:

    Ahh, my Monogatari fix. Thank you for the release!

  4. Anon says:

    Best episode so far and next week’s should top it. Thanks Gomi.

  5. Lik says:

    Thank you Commie bros I love you <3

  6. mararagi says:

    At 18:40, it should be
    “But if you apologize and he forgives him”
    and at 18:46 as well.
    “Once he forgives me, ~”
    Because Shinobu is saying ” 儂を許した直後に、”

  7. mararagi says:

    >“But if you apologize and he forgives him”

    Damn… I meant
    “But if you apologize and he forgives you”

  8. blablablaaa says:

    I understand the meaning of localizations, but lately you just change every line for the sake of changing.