P-01s 13 (END)

Horizon 13
Torrent |DDL

See you guys Summer ’12
We don’t feel like doing anything until then

Also, disregarding the broken donation meter, we’ve made about $12 this month.

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69 Responses to “P-01s 13 (END)”

  1. Silivious says:

    Woot. Couldn’t wait to see the episode after reading the post on Tenka Seiha. XD Baseball attack! >_>

  2. SlutMamooth says:

    Fucking finally.

  3. ricz says:

    Thank you very much XD

  4. gumplug says:

    I expected this to be another troll topic.

  5. Xoleum says:

    thanks a lot, everyone who worked at this!

  6. Sm3xy says:

    You da man. What a boss. You got it up 4 days before crunchyroll ROFL. YOU’RE AWESOME!!!!!

  7. Fag It says:

    thanks, and enjoy your much-deserved hiatus.

  8. NoName says:

    Finally, the wait was killing me! Thanks for being one of the only groups to bring us this wonderful animu. You guys plan to do Season 2?

  9. Raizu says:

    yay! thanks

  10. Petrushka says:

    patience is worth :)

  11. erejnion says:

    >that background


    I was about to die when I saw them cuddling together…

  12. Break says:

    uhh nice, that was fast!

  13. Kinoko says:

    “Oh crap! We need to finish this before TAN simulcasts it or nobody will download it!”

    In any case, thanks for getting around to it.

  14. Zaki says:

    Holy shit, the background is moving. And the music OMFG!!!!

  15. Almond says:

    Thanks a ton for this release!!!! Waited for this so long~

  16. ondi says:

    Thank you Commie. Hope you guys do the BDs as well :)
    Epic series is epic.

  17. Qcio says:

    Fuck, from all the ~8 series airing this autumn it was the one of the two I kept watching on weekly basis, bring fucking summer already!

    Also thanks for all the hard work and flying subtitles which gave me lolz.

    Sad that you guys won’t sub anything till summer, but enjoy your free time and come fullpower for season 2!

  18. AsDumbAs4chan says:

    Weird. The music played through my feed reader. Sounds like FictionJunction.

  19. CODE-A says:


    err… me wanna me cookie naw (- -)/

  20. Choco says:

    Are you guys seriously not doing anything until then? ;_;
    Where will I watch Persona 4.

  21. >----knee----> says:

    Does, see you guys summer 12 mean your going to stop subbing persona?

  22. >---knee---> says:

    Does see you summer 12 mean your not subbing persona anymore?

  23. Kuroneko says:



  24. horizon says:

    is it possible to get links to the backgrounds used? thanks

  25. Wolf says:

    Source on background music?

  26. comrade says:

    Excelent, probably the third best series this season (after Guilty Crown and Fate/0).
    P.S. <3 the scrolling backgrounds.

  27. macxxx007 says:

    BAD-ASS! Thanks so much!

    Best end of the year gift!

    Thanks so much for doing this series… YOU GUYS WERE THE BEST! THANKS AGAIN! HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! SEE IN 2012!

  28. Madao says:

    Maria where?

  29. Einsworth says:

    um what happened to persona 4? when will you release it?

  30. IzumiTaka says:

    epic background lol

  31. Raphaela says:

    so that means you dropped P4 ?

  32. FL-God says:

    Stardust Melodia – Ceui ,

    commemorated for Kyoukaisen 1st season end from Commie i think

  33. ChucklesNuts says:

    WHY… Why is there music playing from the site?

    Turn it off…

  34. Asa says:

    >That Music

    >THAT Background

    You made my day! I don’t feel like leaving this site anymore *-*

  35. oBb says:

    SCHWARZ WEISSE FRAUEN RULE (those angel witches where really cool)

  36. PaulNamida says:

    thanks a lot for this, this was definitely one of my favorite series of the season (right up there with F/Z). It’s gonna be a while until July but I’m glad you’re going to pick it up :D. Thanks for the hard work.

    P.S: scrolling BG is beast, Kazuno~ MargotxMalga~ just awesome

  37. KuroLoli says:

    Um….Guilty Crown 12? You guys gonna do that or…?

    • KuroLoli says:

      Oh, and for anyone wondering how to get the sliding backgrounds…

      Right click, view image…

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      How about you go make it air on TV?

    • Jim says:

      Guilty Crown won’t be back on until January 19. True fans keep up with this stuff.

      • KuroLoli says:

        I picked the show after reading the synopsis…so no, I’m watching it because I found it entertaining.

        Or…on the other hand like some other groups do…tell people about it in the description so people don ask about it like in my initial post………..

  38. KKRais says:

    omg connie! y r u dropin evryting?! thas okay bcuz u r da besd grup n ima wate 4 u

    4ever n ever n ever n ever n ever n ever

    • Jukey says:

      ~I cry evrtim~

    • Sebastian says:

      A gurl was walkin2 skewl wit her bf n they were crossin da rode.

      she sed “bbz will u luv me 4evr”

      he said “NO..””

      da gurl cryed N ran across da rode b4 da green man came on the sine.

      boy was cryin and went to pic up her body.

      she was ded.

      he whispered 2 her corpse “I ment 2 sey i will luv u FIVE-ever…” (dat mean he luv her moar den 4evr)

      xxx~*…LIKE DIS IF U CRY EVRY TIME…~*xxx

  39. Knofbath says:

    Why the hell would you put an autoplay youtube in the background like that??

  40. ChucklesNuts says:

    If you don’t turn it off at least let us choose wither to have the music play or not.

  41. HenryLeonheart says:

    LOL at people being trolled by Commie ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

  42. Anononono says:

    Commies one big fuckin troll anyways so it doesn’t matter.

  43. Fag It says:

    This background shit you’ve got going is the best new years eve troll in fansub history.

    Happy 2012

  44. homie says:


  45. Kaz says:

    I enjoy yhe back ground thing so far..haha It’s pretty epic.

  46. Odin says:

    Thank you for this great show and you guys have agreat Happy new year.

  47. Anon says:

    Please tell me you guys will do the blu-rays, all the faggot weeaboo bdrippers are taking out your glorious sub effects.

    • Progeusz says:

      Unforgivable. Commie, fix this, please.

      • johnny_dickpants says:

        A lot of those effects are due to the scrolling text present in TV broadcasts. There’s no reason to have them on BDs because BDs don’t have scrolling text.

        So we’d do the same thing if we did the BDs.

  48. kumakuma says:

    thanks! -_-;;;

  49. hito says:

    thanks for the release

  50. Progeusz says:

    Horizon confirmed for my prvate top3 during Fall 2011 (with F/z and iM@S).

    THANKS Commie for saving the show. We would be doomed with Hadena.
    Kudos for glorious typesetting.