Persona 25 [END] (for now)


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  1. wellthar says:


  2. dingbat says:

    are you guys going to sub TMA’s AV too?

  3. geoneo09 says:

    Many thanks
    (what you mean for now)

  4. someone says:

    just curious..why do commie put “for now”?

  5. Gil says:

    Because of the OVA.

    Looks like it will contain Persona 4’s “True Ending”, and possibly the “Ultimate Opponent”.

  6. macxxx007 says:

    fukken AWESOME!

    Thanks so much for the episode as well as for working on this show! YOU GUYS ROCK!


  7. Legatus says:

    I want to truly thank you guys to have done this great anime(i loved the game).
    I’m very sad to wait until summer’s end for the true ending ,but amen,this is marketing….

  8. anonymous says:

    cheers all

  9. Choco says:

    Thanks for subbing this, you guys did a fantastic job, and even though sometimes there were long delays, you guys always got quickly back on track. I came to your site for Persona, but found myself watching a lot of your other subbing, and you guys have quickly become my favorite fan subers. Thank you for subbing Persona, and thank you for all the hard work you do in general.

  10. XerBlade says:

    Ohshit, not only are they doing the True End in the final ep (granted, the train scene from the end of this ep was technically the True End version and not the Normal End version of that scene to begin with………), they’re even including the New Game+ optional hidden boss!? This thing had better be some hour-long special episode at least.

  11. Maya says:

    Yay, it’s the ending time for all winter season animes.. I like it how lately every post says END in it. this makes a nice exception with the “for now” xD

  12. GrimReaperCalls says:

    All these (END) episodes scare me slightly xD.

  13. vivant says:

    [END] (for now)
    argh I’m getting excited!

    Thank you so much for subbing P4! I’m waiting for batch, patch, OVA, or anything else related to it XD Thanks again~

  14. MC says:

    Damn, I missed the True Ending… time to do it again on New Game+
    Pretty good ending… Glad to see God Hand from Chie :P and there is no Izanagi no Okami :( If I remember right that hes going appear on the True End… ( well… that’s based on my play through of the game :P )

  15. Alex says:

    Thank you very much Commie

  16. chad001 says:

    Will you be subbing the Director’s cut edition of 25?

  17. Fag It says:

    You guys did excellent work on this show. I really appreciate your addition of swearing and creative flourishes like “This is going on Facebook”. All hail Commie!

  18. MC says:

    Damn it!!! I’m going to play P4 again on NG+ to fill my P4 needs :D will be playing it until EP26 comes out :P I better need to dig out my PS2 and my memory card that has my save lol…

  19. BearyTeddieous says:

    Just finished watching this episode and I wanted to come here and thank y’all wonderful people for all the hard work you’ve put into P4A. Seriously, thank you ve-… beary much. I’m looking forward to the OVA. <3

  20. Bluntasaur says:

    Was I the only one hoping the final ep would lead into the events in Persona 4 Arena?

  21. Anon says:

    Still downloading -_-
    however uploading what I have at 10-15MB/s ^^

  22. Anon says:

    Your translation is pretty awesome, I must say. Just one thing.

    I would put “No matter what convenient things you say, the crimes you committed won’t just fade away!” rather than just “No matter what you say, you won’t get away with this!” Well, one he did say convenient. Two, I’m pretty sure that’s what Yu was saying considering what Adachi was doing. He was giving excuses as to why he did what he did. Of course, they did defeat Adachi and turn him in. But I feel even if Adachi had gotten away with his crimes, Yu’s words would still hold, that Adachi’s crimes wouldn’t vanish. Just my 2 cents. :P