Persona 4 08

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9 Responses to “Persona 4 08”

  1. Adulthood says:

    Yay!! I’ve BEAR waiting for this!!

  2. electraflux says:

    thank you BEARy much…

  3. anon says:

    That extra long wait for the episode was unBEARable…

  4. vivant says:

    Yey Persona! Thank you!! =D

  5. bear says:

    These grizzly jokes are not beary funny anymore.

  6. anoo says:

    Yeah, we need to focus on BEARsona!

  7. noun: the verbing says:

    Luckily, the President is already on Bear Force 1 and en route to the Kodiak Underground Shelter.

  8. weT_Towel says:

    I couldn’t BEAR to wait any longer.

  9. Navitron says:

    I just realized I didn’t watch the first half of episode 6 & 8… I use the chapters to skip ahead past to OP to the first part but in 6 & 8 the chapters are messed up. The first one after the OP goes to the middle.