Persona 4 1-13 Batch

[audio:I’ll Face Myself (Battle) – Shoji Meguro.mp3|loop=yes]

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57 Responses to “Persona 4 1-13 Batch”

  1. Jukey says:




  2. ondi says:

    Fuck yeah

  3. TehShow3r says:

    Lolwut Batches?, Is this like backwards day for commie?

  4. Keni says:

    can I get a d/l link to that version of “i’ll face myself”

  5. Unknown says:


  6. Anon says:

    Wow, that’s a crazy picture.

    Did you guys put it together?

  7. DeathKila says:

    Where did you get that battle piece? I’m dying to download it right now. Please, help me.

  8. Leon-Gun says:

    Just a little FYI for those wondering, this is the Reincarnation album version of I’ll Face Myself (Battle). It’s not part of the regular OST, obviously.

  9. cypherdirt says:

    amazing!! i have been looking for the music of the anime for a while!!!!

    • Fimbulvetr says:

      This probably goes without saying, but music for video game adaptations are almost always ripped from the games. That’s why this and others like Valkyria both have epic soundtracks.

      • Leon-Gun says:

        I think there’s been some remixes, but yeah, more or less Persona 4 The Animation’s OST is from the game. SO for anyone who wants the music from the anime, you might as well get the regular OST and Reincarnation Remix Album. Also, a particular episode had some very well selected tracks from Persona 3 and Persona 3:FES.

        • cypherdirt says:

          after the episode 12, i knew there was a new ‘set’ of music, looked for a while by things come up as life is. glad that commie posted the link to dl the reincarnation OST.

  10. rpgman1 says:

    Nice. I wonder if another group will be releasing batches. LOL at Kuma in the pic flexing his “muscles”.

  11. vivant says:

    patch! thanks again~
    btw, nice song too.. =D

  12. Fag It says:

    So much win.
    Risette is mai waifu.

  13. nx6 says:

    Ah, thanks for the patch. I just asked about this on the projects page like a half-hour ago, too when I saw them on the packlist.

  14. torchlight says:


    Sup Arnavion how’s breaking the website going?

  15. Shinigami says:

    Allways you buttpirate with the “look at me” douchebag music ..

    I hope you keep doing it so we can keep making fun of you behind your back.

  16. abanghazwan93 says:

    persona got one hell of soundtracks!!

  17. drakuma says:

    Excuse me, are not to be in the right section, but not be able to know where to ask this question, I wanted to know if the series of the maria holic you were still alive or have you decided to leave it stalled? Mine is not a request but is a very simple information.
    I tend to state that I appreciate very much your work, especially on this series and as you are the only ones to take it forward, I have news, thanks

  18. ScrewThoseUSACapitalists says:

    LOL Look at Yu’s face.

  19. Wyatt Derp says:

    Jesus fuck can you assholes stop posting auto-play music on your goddamn site. This isn’t myspace/geocities circa 2001 and that shit stopped on popular sites for a reason. Fuck shit penis fuck asshole fuck

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      How about you stop doing it wrong.

      2012 and you aren’t running noscript and/or flashblock?

      • cypherdirt says:

        this is soo interesting, so Wyatt Derp downloads the shows and watches then complains when something is done for the populus and he just disagrees. so he starts talking like any jerk on online gaming. just turn off your speakers moron.

  20. dickless says:

    Pardon for asking this in the wrong section but I just want to get cleared on something. Will last exile fam be a week late from now on?

  21. anon-niisama says:

    Oh god what the fuck is with this new utorrent, I feel like smashing my monitor just looking at this ugly monstrosity

  22. anggie_yougayme says:

    chihayafuru fuckin where

  23. skyleo says:

    Fucking disturbing music. I hate it to search for the music player on the website to pause it. >_>

  24. Lawrence Leong says:

    I like the song for the front part where it’s more Pop like…but not the intense part…

  25. Anon says:

    Shitheads… Don’t complain about the music most people enjoy… If you don’t want to listen to it use Adblock…

    Dammit, people these days… Makes me wanna puke

  26. Tori no uta says:

    Left this window open for the longest time just to listen to the music.

  27. Nden says:

    Stop forcing music on us .

    Some people , like me , check up on their anime queue at work , or in the middle of the night etc ..
    It is disturbing to say the least. Music and midi on web pages was cool in 1997. It became really old , really fast after that.

    Thnx in advance.

  28. bob says:

    thank you for your great work, but ffs stop posting video/music which tends to play each time I reload page and I have to stop it each time manually, It’s freaking annoying.

  29. COCKS says:

    Auto-playing music is basically worse than Hitler.

  30. Zdes says:

    so,what changes does this patch made?juz for confirmation…