Persona 4 14

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Nisemonogatari sometime tomorrow; It has come to my attention that our typesetters are mentally insane.

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  1. Mailia says:

    SHAFT should have more things to typeset in their shows. Your typesetters are not getting enough work to keep their skills sharp.

  2. Scrat says:

    * not giving a f*** about Persona4 *
    take your time on Nisemonogatari. it’s bound to be typesetting hell.

  3. Break says:

    im not sure if i should skip this episde or not, judging from the ppreview it seems to be all about the few social skills he did in the backgroudn alst episode, and sicne ive played the game and they can only bring in shortened versions of the social links in one episode, it doesnt really interest me..

    • MogMoogle1 says:

      Think of it as Haruhi’s Endless Eight episodes, but divide the amount by 4, and doesn’t suck since the episode actually shows an alternate view point rather than reused scenes with different clothing/hairstyles.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Holy shit, that typesetting is madness

  5. Kresh says:

    That’s hilarious!

  6. ihm says:

    Yeah, they truly must be insane.
    They didn’t typeset the right ones.
    Lazy fucks.

  7. anonymous says:

    shanaaaa :)

  8. Uldi says:

    What do you mean? That’s not mental instability, that’s DEDICATION!

    Scary, obsessive, possibly compulsive, dedication! They should be fea– ADMIRED for it.

  9. clownage says:

    wooah.. gogo for nise!

  10. Commie_fan says:

    Do you mind to upload the script-only for Nisemonogatari, so we can mux it by ourselves with a 1080p raw? unless maybe you have a plan to release it yourself.

    Thanks a lot guys. Your works are much appreciated.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      FAQ 10 ;)

      Also no, we have no plans to release 1080p TV airings because that’s retarded and people would laugh at us and we can’t take that kind of abuse.

    • Gaku says:

      Followin Johnny’s answer – it’s retarded because no show airs in TV in 1080p.
      The only place you can get the show in 1080p (other than BD) is apparently Chrunchy. And that’s only for a few shows for which they get such a source from publishers.

  11. Ham says:


  12. vivant says:

    *just saw something incredible*
    it’s not mentally insane, it’s insanely full of dedication! go go! >w<

    and thanks for P4!

  13. IZEROII says:

    but the typesetters are GREATLY appreciated. this show looses so much of it’s appeal without good typesetting

  14. Beckett says:

    Wow, pretty ballsy of them to squeeze out two worthless filler episodes out of the same stupid shit. Not like they have a limited amount of time for the actual plot or anything.

    • Uldi says:

      Yes, the S.Links are total filler. It’s not like they’ll affect the story or anything, right?

      Without the S.Link “filler” there actually isn’t much story, unless you want endless dungeon crawling.

      • Break says:

        and thats exactly why they shoudlve animated P3 or P2 instead. P4 has better gameplay, but you cant really translate that into anime, and P3 is so much superior in story, as is P2. P1 probably too, dunno abotu that tho cuz i didnt play it.

        • MogMoogle1 says:

          I’ll give you that P3 had a superior ending, but for most of the game prior to that had a lot of dungeon crawling and dead times, maybe even more so than P4. So P3 wouldn’t have been a good game to animate, having about 2-4 episodes worth watching with the rest being pretty dull.

          • Break says:

            ill admit that P3 had a lot of dead times, but i think it wouldve worked way better as an anime than P4 simply because P4 gets incredibly repitive with the scheme it builds its bosses on. sure, P3 also has a boss on every full moon, but there are actually major plot points happenign athat times, and not always the same “holdign speeches, “YOUR NOT ME!!”, fighintg, holding speeches” that P4 has. its okay in the game because you do all the daily life stuff in between, but in aniemform it simply is too packed; it doesnt feel like weeks are betwen those fights, and it gets really reperive therefore. it already felt repetive in the game itself, and its way worse with that in the anime than in the game itself, simpyl because they used less time between those… you knwo what i mean?

            • Uldi says:

              P3 had over a month of absolute “dead time”. And it had the exact same pattern of events as P4: The characters only have major interactions (outside of S.Links) on or around the full moon; in P4 it was around a kidnapping event. Both had school trips, both had scenes focusing of antagonists and allies. Most scenes were “talking head” scenes discussing current and upcoming events. The only difference was that you knew when those conversations would happen in P3 simply by looking at the calender; they always happen within a day or two of the full moon.

              As far as the bosses go: Sorry, but P3’s bosses were rather basic. They were simply based on the Tarot Arcana. At least P4’s bosses offered a look into the subconscious minds of the characters, since P4’s bosses were the suppressed side of the kidnapped character.

      • Beckett says:

        Keeping in mind that I haven’t played the game, or any of the Persona games for that matter. If this stuff somehow turns out to be important later on, then fine, but from the perspective of someone who’s only experience is with the show, this seems like useless filler at this point. Hard to see how it could possible connect with the actual plot from where I’m standing.

        • Scipio says:

          Even if you’ve only been watching the show, have you been paying any attention to the plot at all? The scenes with the velvet room and Margaret’s grimoire? The mention that, for every bond he makes, he gets more personas and thus more powerful? Or did you miss the beginning with the five arcana cards and then how he touched the lives of four people & one fox during the episode? Or that they couldn’t have beaten the last shadow boss without utilizing almost all his personas? I’m just saying, it’s not that hard to piece together.

          • Beckett says:

            I guess it’s confusing because of the timing they are using. They fought the last guy and he used about 5 billion personas but they don’t show the social link stuff until after that, then they start jumping backwards in time and going over it. I assume this is a lot easier to follow for people that have played the game but for someone like me who hasn’t the jumping back and forth so much just makes my head spin and wonder what the hell is happening. Probably rewatch this one once it’s finally finished, it will probably make more sense then I hope.

        • Break says:

          @Beckett the purpose of the social links in the game is to level up the persona’s of the social linkks for it (for example yosuke=magician link), the basic idea is “the more bonds with people the mainchar has, the stronger are his persona because they are the manifestation of his inner self and bond swith people make one person stronger”. but sicne they didnt go into that at all in the anime, i suppose its alwys onna be puzzlign for non-gameplayers… well, there willl be a stereotypical “poer of friends” scene in the end though.

        • Uldi says:

          Go back and pay attention to what’s said in the Velvet Room. That was foreshadowing. There’s a reason his bonds with people keep coming up.

        • Uldi says:

          Also, there’s a damn good reason they spend an entire episode focused on Nanako, but you’ll have to wait for ‘November’ and ‘December’ before you find out what.

  15. ondi says:

    Thank you Commie !
    And $300.43 raised. Man, you’re rolling around in so much cash xD

  16. Arekou says:

    That’s some insane typesetting. Kudos. Very admirable! Keep going~! :D

  17. Names says:

    $ 331.06 in two weeks , wow

  18. Liinah says:

    Wow! How many time does this scene even last in the episode? You guys are insane yet awesome. 8D

  19. Choco says:

    Thanks a ton for this! Also, am I the only one getting audio cutouts from time to time? I upgraded my CCCP to the most recent version a few days ago since I had installed it prior to 11/11, but now I’m getting audiocuts with this episode at roughly the same segments, so I’m a bit lost.