Persona 4 15


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  1. Santa says:

    About time. Thanks.

  2. Ryusuke says:

    I must be dreaming…is this real? ITS REAL!!!!!

  3. ricz says:

    Shana….. well thank you….

  4. Chaosravioli says:

    God fucking dammit finally I could suck your dick right now

  5. sharm says:

    Thanks for the release!

    By the way, am i being a fag if i suggest “bayfiles” as a possible candiate for new direct downloads? I’ve tried out getting an ep from hiryuu and the speed was very good with little waiting time

  6. Tetequila says:


  7. Unfix says:


  8. km says:

    finally it’s heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! thanks commies!

  9. sharm says:

    persona 3 nostalgia ftw!! this ep was LEGEN-wait-for-it—–DARY!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    So…you don’t post DDL links just because you don’t get paid? What the fuck.

  11. Windridge says:

    yay finally
    and it looks wierd without ddls now

  12. vivant says:

    One down, many more to go~
    Thanks for P4!

  13. wall says:

    Mass Destruction*

  14. Elly says:

    Thank you so much!

  15. sharm says:

    LOL! That image is the cherry on top of an epic episode!

  16. xfri says:

    Shakugan no shana 3 is next =)

  17. kirakami says:

    Please use Sendmyway.com links
    easier to download from :)
    it also provides resume like MU did :D

  18. SanjixNami says:


    You rock Commie.

  19. Tetequila says:

    DDL please bayfiles.com

  20. Jacut says:

    Thanks again, and I’m now waiting for your Lagrange ep (the other fansubbers are… well… not as good as you).

  21. Neo says:


    *waiting for Shana*

  22. Choco says:

    Thanks a ton guys, hopefully the next episode doesn’t take this long, I’ve never seen such a long delay from you guys in the months that I’ve been here, but hell, we’re all allowed to slip up a bit here and there so it’s understandable.

  23. snake says:

    Where is last exile??? :(

  24. shostyle says:

    pic is epic. lolol. thanks always.

  25. randell1993 says:

    I want Rinne no Lagrange lols i dont want to download from others subbers Hahaha can u give specific date for it

  26. Supahman! says:


  27. xfri says:

    Shakugan no shana F is nxt =)

  28. kuro123qwer says:

    Just my own thoughts of saving Anime Downloads from extinction on Internet.

    If this ACTA’s effect on File Sharing Condition got even worse in future.

    I think every uploader should stop Anime uploading in HD/HQ 720/1080P Resolution
    Anime’s that prevent users from Buying Original DVD/BD’s.
    Limiting all Anime TV/BD Uploads to 848x480p Resolution on Internet maybe become only choice.
    This will force many leechers to Buy Original DVD/BD’s.
    Anime Studio also won’t suffer loss too big.
    & ACTA maybe won’t bother with encoded Anime Full Episodes if its 480p Encode
    serving as preview inspiring leechers to buy Original DVD/BD’s.

  29. shinji says:

    O-M-F-G!!!!!!!!! Freaking amazing ep!!!!!! P3!!! they even used soundtracks that’s in P3!!!!

  30. 480p rofl says:

    ^ How about you fuck off.

  31. Yuu says:

    Narukami is a real bro and he doesn’t afraid of anything.

  32. Ciardra says:

    So much Swag. Thanks a lot guys.

  33. CWaffle says:

    Patiently awaiting book o’ friends.

  34. Fag It says:

    The throwback to Persona 3 in this ep’s soundtrack made me queef.

    Commie Turtle says: “Slow and steady wins the race, fags.”

  35. COCKS says:


  36. Rusty says:

    This Persona faggotry needs to stop!

    Please, pretty please let the next release be rather piratey!

  37. Choco says:

    Whoever subbed this.. I must ask you.. Did Yu really say “this is going on facebook” when he took the photo? I need to know.

    • Final says:

      He said something like “How about a commemorative photo?”

    • ghli says:

      Yosuke didn’t actually say “HHNNNGG!” either. Appropriate and funny adaptations.

      Besides, the series takes place in 2011 and everyone and their mother has a facebook…

      • brainchild says:

        He said, “Doki,” which is pretty much the same thing.

      • azrin says:

        Your point being?
        The translation was waaaaay off. I understand taking liberties, but that’s pretty much rewriting the script with corny lines (ie. not appropriate)

        • XerBlade says:

          It got the point across, did it not? Therefore, your argument is invalid.

          And the “corny” thing is subjective. I for one found it just as f’ing hilarious as your Japanese teen/young adult would have found the original line (note the way they normally use their phones for photos and social networking and the like is completely different from those of us in the West). And that’s the idea of localization. Not a bunch of literal nonsense, but rather to give the audience the same feeling that was originally intended by the writers for the original target audience.

  38. Man In Black says:

    ahahahahhaha that was hilarious man. made my day :)

  39. kuro123qwer says:

    cool thanks got it :D
    didn’t know crunchyroll’s legal
    i have been piss off whole damn week because of that ACTA shit.

  40. ghli says:

    Yuu’s pimpin

  41. pervert says:

    u guys are the best. I was worried no1 would be subbing this series nemore. I like the Hnnggg and facebook bit. Keep up the great work : D

  42. Rusty says:

    Fuck Crunchyroll, fuck ACTA, Fuck Persona 4 and fuck milk. I be pirate, arghhh. Please, Some kind of status update on those pirates would be appreciated.

  43. HakuNoKaemi says:

    Uhm, I’m making a beatmap in osu! with “Key Plus Words” and … I’m asking you if you could encode a no audio version of P4A Op with the karaoke on … if yes maximum resolution is 848X480 and dimension 16 Mb (to not pass the limit…)

  44. HakuNoKaemi says:

    Apologising if I disturbed you…

  45. HakuNoKaemi says:

    It’s more to say “I’m using your karaoke” and ” It’ll be easier if I ask “, because the karaoke lose it’s styling during conversion…
    Searched other methods, but i still want to use a better format ( avi with x264 ) to have a good quality video, and those methods (and software) hadn’t.

  46. anon says:

    please someone give me the awesome pic that was above