Persona 4 7

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17 Responses to “Persona 4 7”

  1. GX-9901 says:

    nice! thanks for back to back GC and Persona!

    now if you can just update us about UN-GO so that people like me will stop bitching and move on to other subs if you guys just hate it.

    • Pyrota says:

      This. I’d really like to know at least what’s going on with it before I say “fuck it” and settle for something worse.

  2. xyz says:

    Thank you.

    I agree with GX-9901.

  3. halcyon says:

    Goddamn it, Commie. It’s “Priestess”, not “Empress”.

    • Venger says:

      Specifically, at 0:12 “Empress” is incorrect. It’s actually the “High Priestess” being shown/talked about. Not sure if she says it wrong or whether the translation is off.

      • brainchild says:

        TAN translated it at Empress. All translation/editing mistakes in the script have been rectified for the eventual mid-season batch. In this case, the Arcana’s name will be changed to the official translation from the games – “the Priestess.”



      • Keb says:

        What Margaret says translates as Female Pope. Yukiko’s arcana in the Japanese version of the game was High Priestess. So this was a fuck up not just on Commie but on TAN’s translation as well. No where does Empress appear in that.

  4. Fag It says:

    My shadow self is ready.

  5. MegamanZX says:

    Just wondering about on 18:37
    Feeling kinda buggy at there, anybody feel the same?

  6. vivant says:

    My little brother asked me everyday when the new one come out.. XD Thank you!

    PS: I don’t really care about mistakes, I’ll just wait for the mid-season batch =) Go Commie~

  7. Jimmy says:

    Hello, for some reason — the video plays, but there is no video quality for VLC media player. It just shows a green background with audio present. Any suggestions?

  8. Jimmy says:

    What video player are you using?

  9. DBlanks says:

    Lol noticed how you guys changed correctly the “Two days ago” at the end from “Tow days ago”!

    Epic engrish fail from the persona 4 staff!

  10. Soulweaver says:

    Thanks for the great releases so far. Here’s something else left to fix for your v2 if it ever happens:
    Not a bad problem but it still simply shouldn’t be there.