Persona 4 and UN-GO and Chihaya and Nura

Persona 4 2

Torrent | DDL

Gonna make this the Thursday post because fuck making 4 posts. Starting next week 4 shows in one post


Torrent | DDL

Fuji TV (noitaminA) chose to air this without the preview for some reason. (It’s also not HD)

Chihayafuru 2

Torrent | DDL

Nura S2 13

Torrent | DDL

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32 Responses to “Persona 4 and UN-GO and Chihaya and Nura”

  1. PhillipDSX says:

    Thanks for the second one!

    Also, you could release a batch torrent for all of thursday’s episodes.

    “The Mighty Mokuyoubi batch”, it should be called!

  2. Arisato-kun says:

    Hoorah, P4. Always going with your group because of the BEARable subs.

  3. Arisato-kun says:

    And by that I mean they’re awesome. Haha

  4. Fag It says:

    My body is ready.

  5. dark-kyon says:

    fuck 10bit,fuck you.

  6. damedame says:

    >Gonna make this this

    >make this this

    >this this


    Thanks Commie, I’m downloading it.

  7. random says:

    Are you using edited subs from simulcast?

  8. Ryukai says:

    Where are the rest ;_;

    Thanks for this though, I’m beary grateful.

  9. Marina says:

    Thanks for second episode!

  10. omgwtfbbq says:

    Why the jump in filesize?

  11. Aoi says:

    Thank you BEARy much.

  12. Lemi says:

    Oh god Un-Go is out, fck yesh, I hope it’s good.
    Thank you

  13. KorbanTroll says:


  14. nINJAkECIL says:

    What’s with the UN-GO being 576p?

  15. Masaru says:

    I prefer separate posts cuz one post with 4 entries won’t show up fine in RSS feed readers.

  16. Daniel says:

    Well there be a 1280×720 release later for UN-GO

  17. macxxx007 says:

    Thanks for UN-GO!


  18. Shredon says:

    If UN-GO doesn’t air in HD, you aren’t going to get an HD subbed release unless they upscale it which looks horrible. You might as well make it full screen in MPC.

  19. sharm says:

    Question: Are you guys gonna do Blu-rays of the shows you guys did? Steins;Gate and Tiger & Bunny in particular I mean?

  20. Mael says:

    Any chance of you guys doing the Deadman Wonderland OVA?

  21. dannie says:

    thanks for UN-GO. I was waiting for Chihayafuru in my feed from t. toshokan last night. I hope you make it a priority. 10bit is nice to have.

  22. KumaKaori says:

    P4: mid-way cm break eyecatch / Status Screen: Knowledge, Understanding and Expression; all still need to be cycled clockwise. (Understanding is in Knowledge’s spot; Expression is in Understanding’s spot; Understanding is in Expression’s Spot) :/…

    Perhaps it will be fixed for ep 3….

  23. StubbsiBoy says:

    The encoding on UN-GO may have screwed in places. Looks glitchy near the beginning. Unless, the show actually wants that?

  24. castor212 says:

    your release of P4’s quality is better than other groups. Is it because it’s 10bit? Also, where do you take the p4 subs from?