Persona 4 + Chihayafuru 13

Persona 4 13
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Chihayafuru 13
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17 Responses to “Persona 4 + Chihayafuru 13”

  1. Fag It says:

    Persona is woot.

  2. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks so much for Chihaya!


  3. Spazm says:

    Thank you so much!

    Ah, Nanako is soooooo cute!!!
    I love how they pulled off the ep!

  4. GX-9901 says:

    how about….guilty frown? T_T

  5. vivant says:

    thank you BEARy much~ =D

  6. microdark says:

    Guilty crown aired a 60min special this week(recap probably). New episode next week. Are you guys doing the special?

  7. Catastrophe says:

    you guys doing the Guilty Crown special? or lolnope?

  8. CODE-A says:


  9. PaulNamida says:

    an episode full of Nanako, my body wasn’t ready *-*

  10. Vash says:

    Will you guys sub the Guilty Crown 11.5(one hour recap episode)?

  11. damedame says:

    “I’m not a girl”.
    “Onna ja nai desu.”

    Pretty sure he didn’t mean that.