Persona 5 The Animation 20v2

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Patch fixes the messed up signs at ~30 seconds in.

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5 Responses to “Persona 5 The Animation 20v2”

  1. Andrzej says:

    Around 30 seconds in, Futaba’s text messages blink on and off, making them really hard to read without pausing. I tested it in three different players (MPlayer, VLC and Media Player Classic), and I even extracted the subtitle file with MKVToolnix and loaded as an external file, but the result it was always the same.

    I think it’s an issue with the script itself, but I’ve got experience editing subtitles other than plain old SRT files.

  2. Andrzej says:

    *I mean to say “I’ve got NO experience editing”

  3. WhoFramedRogerRabbit says:


  4. Andrzej says:

    Patch worked perfectly.

    Thanks a lot!