Persona4 6, Last Exile 4, Chihayafuru 6

Persona 4 6

Torrent | DDL

Last Exile 4

Torrent | DDL

and for good measure,

Chihayafuru 6

Torrent | DDL

UN-GO is still niggers.

I don’t know what you people were doing in that post below after the first two comments were posted; it wasn’t really a poll, more of a first come first served sort of thing

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23 Responses to “Persona4 6, Last Exile 4, Chihayafuru 6”

  1. Alex says:

    Thank you!!!

  2. macxxx007 says:




    Thanks for Chihayafuru! HAVE A GOOD NIGHT AND I HOPE YOU GET WELL SOON, RHExcelion!!!

  3. Fag It says:

    A: Democracy, niggers.

    …and thank you for Persona 4.

  4. Meigas says:

    I think I was alone voting for UN-GO… Well, that edited part did just slip past my vision.

  5. ondi says:

    Thank you so much RHE :D

  6. Ranzis says:

    Hah, I just posted for fun. I saw it was over, but still.
    You released the ones I wanted at the same time, so I can’t complain.

  7. vivant says:

    Thank you so much Commie..!

    I just added P4, GC, and Fate/Zero to my download list =)

  8. Adulthood says:

    or probably…, oh well…

  9. szx says:

    persona 4 ep 6
    Part A
    Part C
    Preview 00:24:15
    Part B 00:24:15

  10. keith says:

    Whoa, what an awesome way to face the weekend!

    You can haz my babiez, commiez!

  11. dgtxfc says:

    Chihaya! ^^
    kthx bai

  12. Tankred says:

    Thanks for Last Exile.

    I hope that you are soon able to purge the xenos from your throat, RHE. Rest up & get well soon!

  13. Jing says:

    I was all in for UN-GO since LE is just a totally crap disappointment. I am still in on P4 tho. Getting my UN-GO from Doki from now on since I dont think commie really likes the show.

  14. FU says:

    …And you wonder why your sick! as fuck, Fuck you.

  15. Freya says:

    Chihayafuru!~ <3

    I had to get Ep. 5 from RisingSun, but Commie is so much manlier. Thanks~

  16. suki says:

    Thank you so much Commie! :)

    i just finish downloaded persona 4 , Chihayafuru, and last exile :)

  17. smiles says:

    your pretty cool commie, your pretty cool…