Persona4 9

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I think I’m coming down with another fever
…a week before exams.

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13 Responses to “Persona4 9”

  1. Aeroblip says:

    Yeah, finals suck.

    Thanks, and get-well soon.

  2. ondi says:

    Thank you :)
    and get well soon.

  3. Auro says:

    I hear Vitamin C and fansubbing are good preventatives :)

    In all seriousness, good luck on finals and beat that cold

  4. erephy says:

    Wait, how come you are so fast with releases?!

  5. Adulthood says:

    Thanks commie :D

  6. Moonlite says:

    Thanks for the release!
    Hope u get well soon

    btw, i’m having a fever and
    finals at the same time x_x

  7. The handsome stranger with the hairy balls says:

    Just quit school and focus on improving your subpar fansubbing. Fags like you just like to complain and attention whore out.

    Besides you’re probably asian, so school should be piss easy.

  8. XXZXX says:

    Same here. Final exams start in four days and I’m incapable of walking to my last few classes with this flu. Thanks for the anime and good luck with your exams and health!

  9. Fag It says:

    Fuck vitamin C, you should summon your persona to do battle with the sickness that’s attacking you.

  10. vivant says:

    Thank you for the release!

    Go get some rest and hope you’ll get better soon! And also good luck for your exam.
    Btw, I’m already on exam. *yeah it’s suck*

  11. lemonz says:

    fuck exams

  12. weT_Towel says:

    Has anything happened to your encoding lately? The later 4-5 episodes are 2/3 the size of the first 4 eps