Ping Pong 01


herkz: The translation is basically a TLCed hybrid of Funi and CR. We also added the preview from Youtube to the end of the episode.

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28 Responses to “Ping Pong 01”

  1. TheUberAsian says:

    Thanks!!! Are you guys picking up that other noitamina show?

  2. baelor says:

    c h i n e s e

  3. Nii Hao says:

    actual chinese in my chinese cartoons what is this sorcery

  4. Shan says:

    herkz, have you ever played ping pong before

  5. Anon says:

    Dem fonts

  6. JojoNeedQuickSubs says:

    You are subbing this crap which probably the worst anime in this season, and yet you have not subbed ep 2 of jojo ?!!!

    • herkz says:

      you know, i was just going to mark this comment as spam, but it’s so stupid i had to let everyone see it. want to know why? because you’re too fucking dumb to look at the page on our website that says who works on what show and realize none of the people who work on jojo work on ping pong.

      also if you don’t like ping pong, i think you should really re-evaluate why you like anime.

    • Haidaraaaaa says:

      As a message from the main guy who has been and will be delaying JoJo: Comments like these make me really hate the JoJo fanbase. You comment on here asking us to basically stop everything and work on JoJo when ping pong, or most other shows have no related staff at all. You also seem to be under the impression that we don’t like the show and are neglecting it in favor of subbing other things. If I didn’t love JoJo I wouldn’t have spent the past 6 hours writing 22,000 lines of typesetting for it. JoJo requires a ton of effort to sub… Even now I’m still not done working on it. Some of us do have lives, so we can’t always be around to work on it 24/7. This includes the other staff working on JoJo.

      tl;dr fuck you

    • Orcus says:

      TIL you have a tiny penis

    • Ben says:

      Agree with herkz. Your comment is so fucking dumb it’s embarrassing. This is a great first episode, I was hooked the whole time. If you think Ping Pong sucks you obviously don’t know a good anime when you see one.

  7. Kami says:

    Very good show, thank you, Commie.

    Dat type!

  8. Kami says:

    Okay, here I go again… I’m making karaoke version, so I need romaji lyrics so bad.

    Can you type OP/ED lyrics here?
    Please, and thx in advance, Commie.

  9. Kami says:

    Yeah, yeah – thx for more upcoming “lol” in advance, not like I a single heck about it.

    Just need lyrics, coz i want to make a karaoke for personal use.

    • herkz says:

      do you afraid of anything?

      • Kami says:

        I don’t understand what’s ur point, herkz.

        There is no lyrics in ur releases, so I’m entreating for them right here.

        I’m singing with lyrics/karaoke… what is so damn funny about it (all these “lolz”… )?

        • herkz says:

          maybe you should check other groups. one of them might have romaji.

          also like, what is even the point of that when there’s a pretty good chance some of it is wrong?

  10. Kami says:

    Well… if you say so.
    But due to my limited DL (mobile connection) I prefer not to waste my transfer on dling other group releases only for romaji lyrics.

    I prefer your songs translation far more than other groups, and yes – songs and TS are the main reason which for I started to use ur releases.

    I don’t mind it rly, it won’t take long to fix some lyrics, when official will come out.