Pirates 11

Still lookin’ for that octopus.


Here’s some tunes. Good song, despite the game’s end being utter shit.

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  1. C43 says:

    Ah yes, “satisfying ending”. Where players are happy with the conclusion of the series they’ve loved for five years. We have dismissed that claim.

  2. CrossToo says:

    Come on we all knew how it was going to end and it was not going to be 100% butt slapping happy happy joy joy.
    What I really didnt like was… not seeing her face, not working with the spider things and wondering why Anderson was on earth?


    Who told you it was the end??? ;)

    “Tell me another story about The Shepperd…”
    “Its getting late, but okay one more story…”

    PS. I like how he/she was “The Shepperd” in the end and the center one is the right choice…

  3. Zaton says:

    Thanks !
    Last Exile status ?

  4. XerBlade says:

    You’ve apparently also dismissed the claims of all of us who actually LIKED the ending. Granted, the people who want to complain always have a tendency to voice their opinions a lot more as well as stand out a lot more, so it may be unclear to some of you that the MAJORITY actually liked the ending (not counting those who are actually too young to be playing the game in the first place, of course; most of THEM didn’t like it). It kinda reminds me of how the crazy trolls who kept saying the obviously inferior in every way first game was somehow much better than the second were the ones everyone kept hearing the most back when the second first came out.

  5. Fag It says:

    Don’t worry, Commie, someday you’ll find an octopus that’s right for you.

  6. maCSlate says:

    As far as I’m concerned the game doesn’t have an ending. It ends after you walk into the beam. After that: 3 monkeys
    Anyway thanks for Pirates!

    • Sporked says:

      What this internet person that probability makes it likely for me to address them as ‘he’. That game will have an ending when any of your previous choices actually have any effect on the game, you know that big thing they hyped up about the first one, rather than ‘what colour explosion do you want in your outro’.

      Also yay pirates.

      • oBb says:

        I don’t know the details beyond 3 colors, but I had a feeling right from the beginning “the end” would be a DLC option when I read ME3 only ‘supported’ as in forced you to get origin.

        As in “wanna see a real end, that ties all loose ends together? Give us another 20$!”
        I’d call that professional blackmailing.

  7. AMg says:

    Do we have Davy Jones Locker in space?

  8. oBb says:

    re:girl pirates
    Take it in the poop deck!