Plastic Memories 05


skiddiks: lol this show keeps getting dumber and dumber
rcombs: ohshi—

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13 Responses to “Plastic Memories 05”

  1. Niwozawa says:

    MC is so useless.

    • taz says:

      And Aira too slow and baka.

      • anonymous says:

        ofc she is able to IMMEDIATELY get up and start sprinting despite her injury when MC fires the gun

    • anonymous says:

      You would think MC would have a LOT more backbone based on his past, but nope; gotta have the “synergy” with the tsundere.


    • Anon says:

      MC is just there because muh dad and the office is incompetent as fuck, which is why their superiors hate them. I don’t expect them to act any less retarded because that’s the point and a source of drama for the upcoming episodes.

      That said, there still are a shit ton of holes in this show, and not only the ones related to Tsukasa

  2. Orco says:

    Marcia is sooo OP! :3

  3. keemeef~ says:

    That Dominat… I mean Terminator though…

  4. anis says:


    not you the show i like skidisks painful comment

  5. anonymous says:

    if only dumbass MC would just take the bitch away right from the start when the boy wanted her gone

    would have saved 3 episodes of uselessness

  6. Name says:

    They’re trying too hard to make it feel sad. That’s not how it works.

  7. ron says:

    cyka blyat

  8. Catastrophe says:

    This better become a robot zombie apocalypse within the next 2 episodes.