Please update to the newest CCCP (if you use it)


If you don’t update, some fonts in future releases will not load correctly. (Other things are liable to fail as well.)

Non-Windows-based things should work fine if you just update LAV filters.

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  1. noob says:

    Does anyone know how can i get the sound back to 5.1 with this version of cccp.
    All my vídeos just play stereo sound since the update.

    • herkz says:

      Go to the settings and disable the downmixing?

      • noob says:

        In the cccp settings i have mixing enabled to
        3/0/2+LFE – 5.1 channels.

        I dont see any other options for mixing.

        Im a noob for these kind of things :(

        • herkz says:

          perhaps disable downmixing altogether?

          i’m not sure since i just use headphones

        • Pauli says:

          It seems that LAV looks at how the audio device is configured in Windows.
          Check that your speakers are correctly configured by right clicking the volume in the tray, playback devices, your device then configure.

        • drojf says:

          you made sure the internal mixer of MPC is turned off, right?

          • noob says:

            Thanks all for trying to help.

            I tried to disable the mixer and didnt change anything.

            Checked my audio device configuration and is configured to 5.1 so no problem there.

            The mixer at MPC was on but turning it off didnt change anything.

            I guess im hopeless, i reverted it back to a older version and got the 5.1 sound again.

  2. APendragon says:

    Thanks for the heads up!

  3. J.Stalin-tan says:



    c’mon, plebs

    • herkz says:

      >implying it doesn’t work perfectly

      it’s also the only thing our releases are tested on, so if they don’t work on other things we are unable and extremely unwilling to help

    • wawa says:

      so, what are you using J.Stalin-tan?

      • J.Stalin-tan says:

        Not a codec pack. I’m not technologically impaired.

        • herkz says:

          that has nothing to do with it

          more like you can expect every release to work if you use cccp and otherwise you’re shit out of luck

        • Xythar says:

          CCCP isn’t even a codec pack these days

          It’s just a collection of the recommended components (player, splitter, sub renderer) you’d be installing anyway

          • J.Stalin-tan says:

            Well, yes, except that they’re not updated.

            • herkz says:

              yet they are?

            • Xythar says:

              >not updated

              >commenting on a post about how the CCCP was just updated three days ago

              The entire purpose of this post is to make sure other people keep theirs updated as well. What exactly are you deriding again?

    • Xythar says:

      maybe if more people used it we wouldn’t get 50 people complaining that it broke their MPC-HC internal renderer every time haidaraaaaa typesets something

  4. Sekai says:

    That’s why some of your stylers(?) put [V4+ Styles] section inside of [Events]? To promote new CCCP with buggy ASS?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      <torchlight> pretty sure that’s just some broken Aegisub build at work
      <torchlight> not the first time someone complained about that.
      <Plorkyeran> yeah, there were a few builds that didn’t force the styles block to be above the events block

  5. Hitler says:

    Does this post mean you’re gonna finish JoJo? Will you do what Nutbladder did on 26 with the second audio track?

  6. yue says:

    Or just use k-lite with Lav everything.

  7. Some random guy says:

    Nice to see CCCP alive again and even with LAV! I switched back, thanks :)

  8. Force Gaia says:

    what exactly are you changing in your font attachments?

    • herkz says:

      versions of mkvmerge newer than 4.1.1 changed the MIME type for OTF fonts which broke loading them with haali (which until recently was the only splitter that supported ordered chapters)

      at least something like that

      so in practice, nothing. we’re just not going to use mkvmerge 4.1.1 anymore since there’s no reason to

      • Force Gaia says:

        ah so the new version of CCCP fixes that bug in Haali.

        good thing i asked otherwise i’d not have bothered doing anything, as i didn’t use CCCP any more rather its components separately.

        Now i’ve a reason to use CCCP again as it has a fixed version of haali that i can’t get otherwise

      • Chortos-2 says:

        mkvmerge 5.1.0 switched from application/x-truetype-font for both TrueType and OpenType to application/x-font-ttf for TrueType and application/vnd.ms-opentype for OpenType.

        And mkvmerge 5.2.0 switched back to application/x-truetype-font for TrueType because Haali still couldn’t understand the new MIME type and people were complaining too loudly. 5.2.0 retained the new MIME type for OpenType though.

  9. Guy says:

    I just upgraded it, and the videos won’t play. ;-;
    I can see the chapters, the subtitle options, everything, but the video won’t play. No image, no sound, no moving cursor.

    Did I miss something?

    • herkz says:

      apparently since it works for everyone else

      • Guy says:

        It occurs only on certain .mkv files, most of your releases I have available for example, so I can’t think of anything.


        • Orcus says:

          Did you do a CRC check? The file may not have downloaded correctly. Otherwise, your PC may be struggling with typeset-heavy shows.

    • Solaristics says:

      Try uninstalling it all first, then reboot, and then reinstall it again. If that doesn’t work make sure you installed it properly..

      • Erithos says:

        Starting up the CCCP settings and clicking Repair CCCP worked for me when the videos wouldn’t play, if people want to try that before uninstalling everything.

  10. terebi-kun says:

    Not working on PotPlayer or Windows Media, only on Media Player Classic.

  11. Choob says:

    Still rocking madVR+LAV with mpc-hc. Do you guys suggest I download the new cccp?

  12. redstar says:

    Hate to be a bother but is there any way to use ffdshow with the new release? It’s frame grab function is the easiest way I’ve found (so far) to get batches of frames for .gif making.

  13. Ajsarge says:

    I upgraded, and it broke more than a few shows from multiple groups. Sadly, it was only specific ones as others worked fine. I had to downgrade to the prior version for things to work.

  14. DaddyMassacre says:

    So am i the only one that still uses VLC around here and dont have any problems with it?

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      Get out.

    • Chortos-2 says:

      Not caring about colour correctness, colour matching, line smoothness and pretty much all properties of sign translations does not make VLC do them right. (In more technical terms: video YCbCr matrices, subtitle YCbCr matrices, chroma positioning, chroma upscaling, subtitle sharpness, random subtitle compatibility issues that libass has.)

  15. Bartender says:

    will the haruhichan guide still suffice for adjusting the settings?

  16. soloblast says:

    If I use plain MPC-HC (x64) on Windows, and VLC (x64) on a Mac, do I need to do anything extra?

    • herkz says:

      Yes, preferably install CCCP unless you want to manually install all the components it uses.

    • Chortos-2 says:

      You definitely want to disable the internal subtitle renderer in MPC-HC and install xy-VSFilter. Using CCCP is still better. Using CCCP and madVR is best.

      As for the Mac, the best advice at the moment is to always use Windows to watch anime. No player on the Mac currently supports subtitle YCbCr matrices, and all of them default (if it is even possible to change this in VLC and mpv) to rendering subtitles in screen resolution and colorspace, which gets you wrong subtitle colours and, if you resize the video, sharpness. All of them use libass, which still has plenty of subtitle compatibility issues, and the way they use libass adds a few extra subtitle compatibility issues that could be avoided.

      If you insist, mplayer2 -vf ass -vo gl3:no-fancy-downscaling (or mplayer2 -vf ass -vo gl if gl3 doesn’t work) is better than VLC. mpv may or may not also be better, but I’m not familiar enough with their new subtitle rendering system… although even if mpv can’t be forced to use a reasonable YCbCr matrix for subtitles, its opengl-hq renderer should still be better than VLC’s—if it works on your computer.

      • erejnion says:

        I don’t remember xy-vsfilter having a x64 version. Just saying that you have to start from “stop using pointless shit”.

      • soloblast says:

        Ok thanks. Think I was last using Haali because MPC-HC’s internal renderer couldn’t deal with batches where the OP and ED are separate files from the actual episodes, and the mkvs are programmed to play them as chapters. (I’m talking about Windows.) CCCP & madVR shouldn’t have any problems with this, I guess?

  17. Tosla says:

    I installed the new CCCP codec and now I don’t see any subtitles in the recent .mkv files. In the subtitles menu there is only text “subtitles undetermined”. Any help?

  18. Some random guy says:

    Around 2009 til 2011 there were whole years without a single new release.