Prison School 06

( ¬‿¬)

skiddiks: dude, just watch the dub for this. it’s way fucking better
skiddiks: speaking of dubs, we’re retconning our DTO tl to what the dub uses
skiddiks: on second thought, Destroy Testicles Operation may be too much of a meme for you all to handle
torn: funi’s dub is memetastic
herkz: torn is literally the worst editor in commie
torn: herkz is cute

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6 Responses to “Prison School 06”

  1. ziriusph says:

    commie gives the longest hype

  2. El Espaniol says:


  3. keemeef~ says:

    herkz a cutie… thanks for the release~

  4. anon says:

    but only murikans watch dubbed shit…

    ps: i’m not a murikkkkan