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A post about anime.

Daiz conjured some .ts files from the darkest depths of Hades, and declared “I WILL STAY UP UNTIL EVERYTHING IS DONE!”

Instead of that, he went to bed and the only thing he had done was “troll ayako”.

Also, we have new XDCC bots: CS|XDCCastro is in Vegas, and CS|MarXDCC is in France, so yeah.

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Zombie 10
720 | DDL
480 | DDL
TL Note: Zombie airs on Mon/Tues next week, 11 and 12 (end).

Dragon 10
480 | DDL

Dragon 11
720 | DDL
480 | DDL
TL Note: Ends next week.

Asobi: SOON™ (like, real soon)
Nura: SOON™ (these are pretty much done I don’t know why they’re not out yet)

Also card wants this terrible video embedded, but that’s just not going to happen. Here’s a LINK. QQ.

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20 Responses to “This is a post”

  1. bestnone says:

    the ddl for dragon crisis 10 720p is kore wa zombie desu ka 10

  2. edogawaconan says:

    Instead of that, he went to bed and the only thing he had done was “troll ayako”.

    Sounds about right.

  3. BakaDogura says:

    Where is Level E? Please? Onegai?

  4. Niku says:

    This is a thank you comment.

  5. bob says:

    My mind, it is blown.
    *whips utorrent to load faster*

  6. macxxx007 says:

    WOOO! Thanks for the episodes and the updates! HAVE A NICE WEEKEND!

  7. Maku says:

    Thanks a lot guys!
    By the way, that gif file….which anime is it from? im guessing Its Seitokai Yakuindomo, but i cant seem to guess which episode….. any clues?

  8. |__| says:

    Waiting fo Nora, other crappy shows can go to hell.

  9. Basement Dad says:

    wtf is this [URL=]shit[/URL] (idk if this works *shrug*).
    And hooray for nura.

  10. Rhoswen says:

    Ummm, I think there’s a scene missing from Dragon Crisis 10. The part where Sapphie get dumped in the water and looks outraged and cute for a few seconds before flying off. In your version it skips right to her flying off wet.

  11. Rhoswen says:

    Awesome! ^_^ Thanks for all your hard work btw!