Psycho-Pass 1

No songs until the official lyrics come out. If you can make sense of them, let us know.

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  1. Daniel says:

    What is the OP, because the ED didn’t sound too difficult

    • Daniel says:

      Also the OP official lyrics don’t come out until November and while the ED in December…

    • Xythar says:

      You’re welcome to try if you want. We had 3 translators working on it and they couldn’t make out all the lines because it’s mastered in such a way that the music drowns out the voice. So it was this or just making shit up to fill the gaps.

  2. jen says:

    is it good?

  3. Entrav says:

    Alright! I’ve been waiting for this. Thank you!

  4. Catastrophe says:

    holy cyberpunk batman.

  5. Jing says:

    Nice premiere, although I’m not too fond of the main girl’s character design – I assume they used the character designer from Reborn?

    On a side note, does Commie have any interest on working on Kamisama Hajimemashita? Funi also simulcasted it, but the video quality is blindingly bright compared to other raws, making the episode look washed out; not to mention the ridiculously large file size (550mb compared to say, 350mb). The other fansub group that does it doesn’t appear to read the source material, so it appears most of the puns are lost in translation.

    In any case, thanks for what you do!

  6. splinter says:

    Why is was crf 19 chosen on a show which clearly needs bitrate? The fast motion scenes look like shit and even Funi’s stream looks better than your encode in those scenes.

    • Xythar says:

      To be fair Funi’s stream is like 600MB which is a bit larger than what we’d want to release. Also, Funi probably get a much better source than Fuji TV which is pretty bitrate starved to begin with (but obviously we can’t use Funi’s source because hardsubs).

      In short, can’t really be helped, and not really CRF 19’s fault either unless you just want sharper artifacts. The good news is that since we softsub, when the BDs come out it’ll be much easier to upgrade to a better source.

    • Jukey says:

      I can’t speak for the encoder’s choices, but with the amount of bitrate funimation’s premium streams have, and the fact that they have access to raws directly from the studios, I’d be amazed if anything based on a TV raw looked better.

  7. macxxx007 says:

    Hehehe… gotcha… thanks for the episode and please have a good night!

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Hayate where? Showtimes says it’s done, but there’s nothing on Nyaa.

  10. Anon says:

    Busu shitty when?

  11. Kanoto says:

    so we have an Aladdin anime, now a Minority Report anime :D

  12. ttn says:

    The song came out like a month ago, along with the lyrics obviously

    誰にも見せられないもの 頭の中溢れて
    間違いさえもない世界へ 迷い込んでる

    ありえないほど吸い込まれて 目に見えるものだけの世界現象
    暴き出せるかな プラスチック プラスチック
    美しすぎる世界に僕は何故か 光が見えなくて
    羅列していく心が 無限のリフレクション
    secret kills for you  secret image for you  
    見せかけの色で 未来を暴かないで
    消えて secret motion

    • d says:

      Missing a few lines, and there’s no way that’s 未来. Must be 闇.

      • Topple says:

        It does sound like 闇 doesn’t it. Could be one of those instances where it’s written as so, but the furigana on top would tell how it’s said, like how most songs have 未来 in it what want’s it to be pronounced 明日.

  13. CaeX says:

    MC girl is so god damn ugly

  14. Asakura says:

    Please don’t Guilty Crown on me D:

  15. Na'ix says:

    this is gonna be good, i can tell because it has Ling Tosite Sugire on the OP… good taste in music = good anime.. :D

  16. randeknight says:

    Hope MC gets over being whiny. Seriously, she got through training head of her class without having to go through a bunch of ‘what if’ scenarios that would cover a reasonably simple scenario like this?