Psycho-Pass 11


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  1. Amatsumagatsuchi says:

    Mic test… is this thing on?
    Yo thanks for the release guys keep it comin yo!

  2. PlainText says:

    Makishima: I’m goin to kill

  3. bbo says:


  4. Liam says:

    Always knew the Sibyl system seemed flawed…guess we know why now.
    Great episode, and I’m eagerly awaiting the next :)

  5. Strych says:

    Second half of the episode kicked Psycho-Pass up a letter grade. Real intense delivery, a perfect storm of delivery too. The animation (direction, what angles to take, what to draw, and so on), the music, the character dialogue, all of it. Just wonderful.

    Is Psycho-Pass going on hiatus until the second week of January? This seems like a natural place for the show to take a little break, and considering it’s reported to only be 22 episodes long, I’m wondering if these first 11 episodes have completed its Fall 2012 run or not. (I see at least one site is reporting Episode 12 will air on January 11, which certainly makes sense if accurate. But I couldn’t find confirmation on the official site when I looked. And screw all that Flash crap, it’s pretty, yes, but it makes it so sluggish to navigate between sections when you’re looking for just a few specific keywords. >_<)

  6. randeknight says:

    I guess she never watched ‘Speed’. In those sorts of situations, you shoot the hostage. Yukis’s aura would have been very clouded then, and the Dominators are overkill, so she could have shot through Yuki’s shoulder and hit Makishima behind her. It’s one of the basic rules in firearms training – know what’s downfield of your target. The Dominator even warns the agents to aim very carefully.

  7. Kanda-kun says:

    Right after the Noitamina logo there is an audio issue where it cuts out for a few seconds.

  8. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  9. Reso says:

    Somehow, all the subtitle tracks on all of my Psycho-Pass got corrupted, and now they don’t show up.

    FACK. Welp time to XDCC this shit.

  10. Reso says:


    For some reason, your subs just DON’T SEEM TO BE APPEARING ANYMORE ._____.
    And it’s only this series. All of your series work perfectly fine. WTF DID KASPERSKY DO TO MY COMPUTER D: