Psycho-Pass 16


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27 Responses to “Psycho-Pass 16”

  1. tyson says:

    does working on this show cause your crime-coefficient to rise?

  2. DrPastah says:

    I’ve been awaiting this!

    And thanks for the subs.

  3. Jimmeh says:

    Fast, thanks :).

  4. niicee says:

    fast indeed thanks a bunch

  5. macxxx007 says:

    Hmmm… Ummm… YEAH!

    Thanks for the episode! Have a great night!

  6. Anon says:

    Oh my, the titles are getting shorter now

  7. | Neko | says:

    This episode is… is so… so EPIC! O.O Thanks a lot!

  8. kore wa クリミナル desu ka? says:

    I have gotten more enjoyment out of this week’s announcement titles than any of the actual episodes

  9. kore wa クリミナル desu ka? says:

    I have gotten more enjoyment out of this week’s announcement titles than any of the actual episodes

  10. Asakura says:

    I only have one thing to say:

    Why, Gen Urobuchi, why do you do this to us? :<

  11. Justinnnnnn says:

    Best episode so far <3 It sucks that the only way Gen makes you care about unimportant characters is by killing them.

    • Xythar says:

      Well, we don’t know that for sure. As anyone who’s watched the OP should know, nothing’s carved in stone.

  12. Merc says:

    WoW!!! WOW, oh WOW – DAAAAMN!!!

    I did not expect what happened in the last 60 seconds of the show. WOW!! :O

    Thank You!!

  13. asdf says:

    Mind. Blown.

  14. bbo says:

    “This bites.” – sure does.

    50 bucks say the sibyl system is made up of asymptomatic’s brains like the white haired bitch’s.

    Similar to how minority report’s system is running on drugged precogs.

    • | Neko | says:

      I think this is not so disturbing… I thought that it’s clear that behind the Sybil System there are some kind AI… I think that Kagari saw something even more disturbing than a SuperComputer that control the life of all the citizen… Maybe, as you suggested, Sybil’s Core is based on a system siminal to Minority Report’s one, but revised in an even more disturbing form…

      {I’m sorry if I committed some mistakes, I’m not english}

    • shyz says:

      My thoughts exactly, I’ll raise with a 20.

      I think that’s also where all those “super criminals” are brought and hooked up to the system so that Sibyl can dig inside their melon and learn new tricks about human psyche..

  15. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  16. Roswends says:

    Well shit.

  17. Tai says:

    Will the quotation marks during the line where Ortega was quoted be fixed? 16:27 The first ” appears backwards for me, dunno if this is doing this for anybody else.

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      of all the non-issues to post about

    • herkz says:

      they aren’t backwards, it’s just a shitty font

    • Xythar says:

      I can technically fix those with an extended character but I never got around to actually trying it. Maybe for the batch.

      • Tai says:

        Ah thank you! So it was just the font. Sorry if I trouble you guys over such a trivial thing. I was thinking of just editing the script myself, but didn’t know how to fix the quotes.

        Much appreciated if you could fix it in the batch!