Psycho-Pass 19


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18 Responses to “Psycho-Pass 19”

  1. pengu says:

    It’s that epic time of the week again, you made my evening.

  2. macxxx007 says:

    Thanks for the episode! Please have a great weekend!

  3. bbo says:

    now that’s an epic motorcycle helmet…

  4. Widget says:

    There’s this rather loud 13.1kHz frequency about 9:30 in that killed my ears.

    Other than that, thanks for the release!

    • torchlight says:

      Didn’t seem louder than my tinnitus, but yeah.

      Nothing we can do other than hope the BDs don’t have this issue.

  5. Axiom says:

    Kinda wondering if the show is going to end up having any sort of moralistic pronouncement for/against the Sibyl System.

    It’s been fairly disappointing how weak the dialogue has been in that regard. The setup is sort of there, the show just hasn’t really thrown its weight behind one view or the other. It makes me wonder what the point of the show is supposed to be…..

    • johnny_dickpants says:

      two words for you:



      • Axiom says:

        What if members of the Sibyl System who aren’t part of the 200 actively on duty god complexing people have to run the drones that farm the HYPER OATS?


    • Kyhz says:

      Yep, it’s hyper oats.

    • Widget says:

      A lot of this show has struck me as the author using ventriloquism to have two seemingly separate characters engaged in a monologue declaring technology to be evil.

  6. Dick Cox says:

    I have a problem: the episode crashes during the conversation about the anonymous board. Not sure why it happens, I’ve never had a problem with the episodes before and I downloaded this one twice to make sure.

  7. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!