Psycho-Pass 2 03


Jing: smells

skiddiks: fuck songs

Xythar: That was pretty interesting. But referring to the extended edition new scenes is cheating! Take it back!

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33 Responses to “Psycho-Pass 2 03”

  1. valor says:

    fuck, we had to watch those now?

  2. Blasojw says:

    What happened in those new scenes? I didn’t bother to rewatch the extended edition of psycho pass s1.

    • tag says:

      Very much so would also like to know this!

      Kind of assumed the added stuff wasn’t all that important.

  3. Schezza says:

    Commie, ur quite annoying with ur gifs. April fools are still 5 months away.

  4. shasha says:

    Christ, does Jing think this show airs on sunday or something and only edits it on monday?

  5. Kuroko Subs says:

    damn the new version T^T

  6. Kiyoso says:

    Just tell me what I need to know to get the reference. Commie haven’t done extended versions (ASAIK) so I haven’t watched them.

    • Jing says:

      They literally flash back to it.

    • Xythar says:

      You don’t really need to know anything since they describe exactly what happened in the dialogue anyway.

      • ChocoManga says:

        I don’t think anyone bothered watching the extended version. Well, you guys didn’t sub it, so why should we bother watching it? Of course, I think, that right now, we are all having second thoughts out of curiosity. Any plans on subbing it? :P

  7. echykr says:

    A minor mistake at ~16:43

    You guys translated Karanomori, the blonde in the lab coat, as “Inspector Karanomori”. For starters, she’s not a field officer, so she’s neither an Inspector nor an Enforcer. Though like the Enforcers, she’s also a Latent Criminal like the Enforcers, in exchange for being allowed some limited freedom instead of being locked away in a rehab institute, she works for the Bureau using her hacking skillz.

    Keep up the good work.

    • herkz says:

      >You guys translated

      No, that would be Funimation. Please ask them to correct this error (lol).

  8. flupperman says:

    i love this show, thank you commie!

  9. Marcos says:

    I’ve watched the extended version and what they did was combine some episodes and add some short scenes.

  10. MEMANIAsama says:

    I kind of wish that they did sub the Extended Edition because that’s “canon”, I feel increasingly confused by some of these new-ish characters who had very small roles to play in the regular TV series but I guess had extended scenes and such. So, I had to get my subs elsewhere, which is annoying. :(