Psycho-Pass 2


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13 Responses to “Psycho-Pass 2”

  1. Tai says:

    Excellent. Just in time.

  2. Daniel says:

    Holy crap, was that fast, did you my OP and ED or Funimation?

  3. Entrav says:

    Fast one, thank you.

  4. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks for the episode!


  5. djah says:

    This show is awesome.

  6. randeknight says:

    Yeah! Much better. Looking forward to how this will progress.

  7. FlareZero says:

    Thank you!, fast relase!

  8. Red says:

    This release had timing issues and some typos. I fixed them if anyone cares. Here’s the link.

  9. bbo says:

    Why is allways a genius character lead, exceeding all ratings and shit?
    Damn it.