Psycho-Pass 3


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  1. Catastrophe says:

    i appreciate the cyberpunk, but isnt there a single of your vietnamese slaves willing to time TE???

  2. Alibabaa says:

    Thanks for the release! Btw when will muv luv 16 comes out?

  3. Jimmeh says:

    Thanks for this, good to hear about TE too :d

  4. macxxx007 says:


    Thanks and have a great night!

  5. my ears are bleeding says:

    Nice audio, fags.

    • Xythar says:

      I’m pretty sure all our audio is directly remuxed from the TV broadcast.

    • Solaristics says:

      The audio was fine, what are you smoking?

      The timing felt weird though, but maybe that’s just because the sound doesn’t start until half a second after the mouths open.

      • my ears are bleeding says:

        It’s pretty bad actually. It’s more noticeable in the final part with all the explosions.

  6. vivant says:

    episode 3~ thanks!

  7. ano says:

    Can you confirm what shows you’ve decided to drop mid season?

  8. Big_Boss_90 says:

    Thank you!

  9. Fuji says:

    Just throwing this out there..

    Do you guys have any plans on subing Strike Witches Movie?
    Should be out today.

    Had to ask seince it seems Underwater is well… Underwater.

  10. croak says:

    “life in the line.” 19:19

    if you do a batch or a v2 , consider correcting it to “on”