Public Service Announcement Regarding Some Amerifags

[08:46:08] <@Nyaa> BayTSP is currently hammering the server on behalf of Crunchyroll and Media Factory. Be sure to boycott these companies. Pay it forward.
[08:46:46] <Horse> wish i knew what you were saying v( '')v
[08:48:46] <@Nyaa> It means that BayTSP is attacking NyaaTorrents via DDoS. Crunchyroll and Media Factory paid them to do so.
[08:49:21] <Elbart> sue them.
[08:49:44] <Mouryou> oh shii
[08:50:03] <Elbart> in most lawsystems that would count as computer-sabotage or similar
[08:50:09] <magicalbum> nyaa should be able to filter them out if they knew where it is coming from
[08:50:12] <Mouryou> do it back
[08:50:20] <Elbart> Mouryou: lol.
[08:50:21] <@Nyaa> I'm content as long as you tell everyone to boycott Crunchyroll and Media Factory.
[08:50:39] <Mouryou> is this seriously what is happening?
[08:50:43] <Mouryou> Or is this a troll?
[08:50:50] <Mouryou> i cant tell anymore
[08:50:54] <Elbart> Mouryou: in this day and age you need quite a serious rack of inet-connections to do a ddos
[08:51:03] <Mouryou> yeah
[08:51:21] <Mouryou> no more ping of death lol
[08:51:26] <@Nyaa> Yes, it's real.
[08:51:50] <@Nyaa> NT was built to laugh at any type of load though. I don't think you'll notice anything.
[08:52:39] <Mouryou> I havent used nyaa in awhile i mostly get my stuff in dcc these days if not there then torrent
[08:52:54] <`Maria_Ushiromiya> 70% irc here
[08:54:17] <Mouryou> I seriously wanna see Crunchyroll crash
[08:54:22] <Mouryou> just for lulz
[08:54:40] <`Maria_Ushiromiya> lol
[08:54:52] <@Nyaa> Crashing Crunchyroll would be easy but it would be much more effective to get people to stop giving them money.
[08:55:02] <Horse> but but but
[08:55:07] <Horse> i want their natsu2
[08:58:48] <Horse> btw
[08:58:59] <Horse> how you know CR / MF paid for it
[08:59:12] <@Nyaa> Because BayTSP said so.
[08:59:49] <@Nyaa> I have some 400 C&D letters in my inbox as well.
[08:59:51] <Horse> kawaii
[09:02:53] <Horse> so did you comply with those C&Ds?
[09:03:17] <ndryden> If they're sitting in his in-box, I rather doubt it.
[09:03:44] <@Nyaa> They're only listing old and dead torrents for some reason so at first I just removed them. 20 or so. Then I got bored. Now I just ignore them.

So, umm…

Let’s see, we’ve never paid for anything from any of these companies (in recent memory), but we are uploading CrunchyRoll subs along with quality encodes to NyaaTorrents, so I suppose that’s just as good, if not better than boycotting CrunchyRoll.

Media Factory? I hear them mentioned on the sponsor screen of some anime, but we haven’t paid for that, so meh.

BayTSP? Yo, if you’re from some big company and your shit’s getting pirated, DON’T hire BayTSP.

OK, I’m done. Have a nice day.

EDIT: inb4 BayTSP makes WordPress.Com take down this blog.

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One Response to “Public Service Announcement Regarding Some Amerifags”

  1. Nigga Encoder says:

    Totally off-topic, but anyway:

    So, I went to BakaBT’s Shangri-La batch as per the comment on TT and all I understand is that they, the community, still are your basic ignorant motherfuckers.

    The few times I’ve tried to reason with the bunch have always ended in the same way as your escapade. Some faggot brings up an argument that “hurr durr, its bettar lookin becuz its has moar sharpen edges!!!!” ignoring the fact that its overfiltered properties has seriously flawed the encode. Then everyone agrees with that faggot because he put his argument in words they can understand.

    It’s just no idea trying to show them why something is flawed as long as they believe they’re the authority. Which they obviously think they are. They ask for proof that Shinji knows how to encode. WTF? I’ve encoded animu for years and I have no fucking clue how to prove that I know how to, other than just stating that I’ve done it for years, and therefore hopefully has gathered some experience, and to show some samples. But since they obviously won’t watch an actual encode by Shinji, I guess that’s a lost cause.