Railgun S 01


I’m sure some of you will appreciate a good translation for this show.

Also, Bug Zapper.

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  1. Trieste says:

    I already get too many of my anime from Commie. Gotta give some love to UTW too >_<

  2. skyleo says:

    UTW is quite good …

  3. Godcore says:

    What’s wrong with UTW-Mazui’s version?

  4. bbo says:

    is that “s”eason one or do i still have to dig up the ages old stuff if I actually want to watch this?

  5. >Bug Zapper

    Please don’t

  6. weilshiet says:

    Just finish what you started and don’t bother with series that no one will ever watch with your subs.

  7. anonfag says:

    >a good translation

    I’m rused.

  8. Crono says:

    Oh, so you’re saying vale’s translation is not a good one. You’re seriously a funny guy, herkz.

  9. anon-tan says:

    Man, now I’m torn between Commie and FFF for this show. Guess I’ll give it another episode or two.

    • brainchild says:

      Unless FFF suddenly picked up competent editors and is also using Funi for TL/TLC, why would you be torn?

      • anon-tan says:

        To be honest, the scripts for all 3 releases seemed to be pretty much the same overall to me. The only differences I really noticed were how “Onee-sama”, “ojou-sama” and honorifics were translated (or not; “Ojou-sama atmosphere”, what?) and a couple of minor slip-ups from FFF which really had no impact on anything.

  10. Doogie says:

    A Certain Scientific Eoten.

  11. >I’m sure some of you will appreciate a good translation for this show.

    >UTW-Mazui’s TL for this show is Commie’s best translator

  12. 風の谷の名無し says:

    lol @ “biking”

  13. Choob says:

    Commie, saving fansubbing one anime at a time.

  14. anoyimous says:

    i haven’t seen it yet

    but i would hate you forever and drop all of the series you are translating if you decide to use “sparky” >=(

  15. Basement Dad says:

    > I’m sure some of you will appreciate a good translation for this show.

    > Good translation ..

    > Commie…

    In the same sentence. Year seems legit.

  16. Merc says:

    3800+ downloads….

    Amidst all this discussions the most important thing has been missed; Thank You!

    Your team doesn’t have to do this. Yet you consistently put forth the time and effort to share English-subbed anime. For free!!

    I really love this series too!!

    Thank You!!

    (too much complaining – not enough appreciation!)

  17. wawa says:

    cool opening song styling


    ( ´_ゝ`)

  18. tyson says:

    Minor stuff to comment on.
    @7:29 “It’s Miss Misaka and Sokuho!” Sokuho -> Shokuho
    Also, @7:49 “You seem to be making friends to no avail, lately.” Which is then followed by “If you make any moves in my territory, it’ll cost you.” UTW’s version of the former line was something like “You seem to be making a lot of friends lately” but since I don’t know moon I don’t know what to make of this. Both work in theory (“You may be down on your luck, but don’t invade my turf” vs. “I see you’re making quite a few friends lately, but know your boundaries.”) Any comments on this?

    Good stuff, Commie.