Red Data Girl 03


Be glad you don’t have to watch the official subs, because they look like this and this.

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14 Responses to “Red Data Girl 03”

  1. Risq says:

    Isn’t that what they call a ‘literal’ translation?

  2. AngelZatch says:

    May it be a wall of text or this, I always enjoy what you guys give me to read.

  3. macxxx007 says:

    Talk about fucking lazy… thanks for the episode, commie!


  4. DeadlyEmbrace says:

    Wow, that is weak.
    So glad Commie is here so I don’t have to watch crap like that. Thanks for all the hard work Commie, really appreciate it!

  5. bbo says:

    Looks FUNNI.
    Thank god i’m not watching this.

  6. creamynebula says:

    I guess maybe it would help in learning japanese, but then might as well turn off the subs

  7. returnity says:

    >brainchild: Our best TL is this cool guy named Funi.


  8. Tobar says:

    It´s not half as bad as your German subs for Girls und Panzer !