Red Data Girl 07


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  1. anon-kun says:

    “But the Japanese History Society definitely left an impression you and Izumiko, didn’t it?”
    >left an impression you

  2. tyson says:

    @13:07 – Is there a missing line here? Miyuki is saying something, but there aren’t any subtitles there.

  3. Strych says:

    Haven’t picked this one up (yet?) and am just curious how those of you who are watching it like it. Bad? Pleasant but a bit of a timewaster? Anime of the Season? Other? Does it compare favorably with P.A.Works other recent productions (like Another and Hanasaku Iroha)? Maybe the best litmus test would be to ask, “Of the Spring 2013 series that Commie is releasing right now, which are you watching and how high does RDG rank among these?”

    • herkz says:

      RDG is… It sure is something. I don’t think any of us working on it have any clue why things happen in the show or even what is really happening in general. So if you want to be utterly confused by characters and their motivations, this is a good show. Otherwise, it’s awful. But maybe you like watching bad anime just to see how bad they are. I dunno.

    • Shayn says:

      Don’t waste your time I tried watching it … at the 4th episode I gave up. Looks like a boring shoujo manga where nothing happens.

    • tokyodrift says:

      It’s actually one of the few series I’m enjoying this season. It’s different.

    • Laxx says:

      It has a boring touch. Nonetheless I think it’s worth watching until the end. Of all shows that Commie is releasing this season I would place it the last. But of course it also depends on one’s own taste.

    • Xythar says:

      It’s probably decent if you’ve read the novels, but without that it’s a confusing mess. I’m pretty let down by it, but at this point I might as well just finish it.