Red Data Girl 08


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  1. Hekmatyar says:

    excuse me, but, could you tell me what are fonts you used in Sword Art Online? All of it.
    I got the BD vers of it, but I don’t like the translation, and I plan to change the subtitles with yours.
    Thanks a lot.
    Sorry for my poor english.

    • Orcus says:

      Just extract them yourself with mkvtools. If you’re going to be taking the subtitles, you might as well extract the fonts as well.

      • Hekmatyar says:

        I did it, but unfortunately I couldn’t extract the fonts.

        • johnny_dickpants says:

          What? How? If you can get the script, you can get the fonts.

        • Orcus says:

          The fonts are embedded with the script in the mkv container. Just use mkvextract to get the fonts as well.

  2. Elly says: